The REAL Reason Atheists Don’t Believe In Allah



So I just reached 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel!

I had made a goal of 100 for the year of 2017 and have already reached it.

So I’m pretty excited about that.

Thank you to anyone who subbed through this blog. I’m hoping to do a 100 subscriber video in the near future. Maybe a Q&A or something, so if you have any ideas or any questions you’d like me to answer, please leave them in the comment section.

In this video I respond to a believer who says he knows the real reason why atheists don’t believe in his god. I hope you enjoy it.


What Has Online Atheism Ever Achieved? And New Avatar Poses For YouTube

I ran across a video asking what has YouTube atheism ever achieved. I thought the person asking the question was doing so in a genuine manner so I decided to make a video response. It’s only four and a bit minutes long. I’ll insert it at the bottom of this post.

Marvin also made me some more avatar poses and he says he’s sending me some more. I’m looking forward to seeing the surprised pose.

So here they are.






Let me know what you think about the avatar poses and video. Do you think online atheism in general has achieved anything or do you think it’s a waste of time?

New YouTube Avatar!

I just wanted to show off my new avatar that I’ll be using in my YouTube videos. A creator on YouTube made them for me out of the kindness of his heart. I just love them!


His at rest stance.


Close to facepalm stance?

Anyhow, there will likely be more in the future but I can’t get over how nice they are. At least in my opinion.

Do you like them?


Man Fights Off Cougar With Bare Hands To Save His Dogs

Pretty amazing story of a Canadian man who fought off a cougar with his bare hands to save his two pet Huskies.

I’m pretty sure I’d be doing the same thing if it had been Dexter who was being attacked by a cougar.

I think most dog owners would do the same, but what a crazy moment that must have been – to run over to save your dog only to be confronted by a cougar.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy the video I made about the incident. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Would you have done the same? Do you think the cougar should have been killed afterward?

My Final Thoughts on the Knightstown Christmas Tree Cross Lawsuit

So I wrote a post the other day about the Knightstown Christmas tree cross, which was taken down after the ACLU filed a lawsuit against it on behalf of a resident.

Anyhow, the video I first watched was by Anthony Brian Logan, and I decided to make a response video about the tree as well as Anthony’s comments in that video. So I hope you’ll give it a watch and let me know what you think.

It’s unlikely that someone like Anthony with his approximately 80,000 subscribers will see my video, but I thought it would be fun and help me get a handle on creating these types of videos.

Oh, and I got a little carried away with the editing. I was messing about, trying to figure out some things and decided it would be fun to make a Christmas themed video.

Thanks in advance and I hope you enjoy the video.

This Blog is Not an Echo-Chamber

It seems like we live in a cyber-universe where you can’t be friends if you disagree over one issue. It’s like you must agree on everything or the other person is a useless human being.

I watch a lot of YouTube, and I always get a kick out of seeing comments where people unsubscribe because their favorite YouTuber said something they didn’t agree with. It’s like people just want to live in an echo-chamber where no other thoughts, ideas or opinions can get through.

I was having a back and forth with a blogger over the election. We agreed on some things and disagreed on others. For me it was actually fun to exchange ideas, although I’m aware that sometimes I don’t come off as the friendliest of people when I’m disagreeing with someone. I’m generally polite (I think?) but I do tend to get very analytical about the whole thing.

Something for me to work on. *wink*

Anyhow, they said this after I told them that their blog was one of my favorites and our discussion wasn’t a personal thing:

You got me! Same here. And if you can ‘bring it’ in debate like this and we still remain online chums, (plus the added bonus of Duke and Dexter!), it would not be possible to love what you do and admire you more.

I’m not going to reveal who the comment came from this time around out of respect, but the comment made me feel bad but good at the same time.

Bad because of the atmosphere that seems to permeate the Internet and doesn’t allow for two people to disagree, debate and exchange ideas without the assumption that it’s personal.

And good because I admire them a lot as well, I was flattered by their praise, and I was glad that our discussion didn’t mean we couldn’t be online friends in the future.

You see, this blog is about exploring tough topics. I throw my ideas out there and allow people to join the conversation and express their point of view. I don’t want this to be an echo-chamber. I don’t want to use PC language and self-censor myself to the point where I’m saying nothing at all.

Sure, this blog is also about me sharing my life and sometimes things that make me laugh, but if you follow this blog for awhile, you’ll quickly notice that a thread runs throughout – it’s about exploring ideas, sharing ideas and listening to others even when their opinions don’t match mine.

Sometimes those ideas or topics are tough, inflammatory or hard to express, and that’s okay.

I believe our world needs less tribalism, less rigid ideologies and more conversation.

That’s what this blog stands for.

Preach it, Jaclyn!