This Week In Dexter Pictures

Hope you’re all having a fantastic week. Thought I’d drop in and share a few pictures of my Dexter. 

I should have another guest post incoming soon. ūüėä


Update: I’m Not Dead…Yet and Sucky Dog Pictures

Hi all.

So my GF pointed out that I hadn’t posted to this blog in awhile and she was right. So I thought I’d share some pictures of Dexter and throw up an update.

I’ve been busy building my YouTube channel. I’ve been growing steadily and hopefully getting better at making videos. I did my first live stream on Sunday as well with someone from Australia.

That felt really cool to do. I mean, there I was in my living-room having a chat with someone in Australia who shared a lot of the same interests as me, and I was able to interact in real time with his subscribers and mine.

My phone exploded (metaphorically not literally) and it cost me several hundred dollars to get a new one. That was an extremely frustrating process that ended in me getting beat down by my phone company.

I don’t really want to relive it. Still makes me angry inside. *smiles*

Dexter and family are doing well. I got my yearly performance review back at work, and it was a really good one. So I’m hoping that translates into a raise.

Fingers crossed.

And I’m getting back into the gym after being lazy since I broke my toe. That’s been going well and I continue to make strides towards getting back into the shape I was in before Toe-Gate.

Can I use ‘Gate’ to describe a breaking of a toe? It seems as though everyone else does it whenever something happens that turns their world upside down.

So yeah. I’m still breathing even¬†if the world seems to have gone mad and I hope you all are doing well also!

What Has Online Atheism Ever Achieved? And New Avatar Poses For YouTube

I ran across a video asking what has YouTube atheism ever achieved. I thought the person asking the question was doing so in a genuine manner so I decided to make a video response. It’s only four and a bit minutes long. I’ll insert it at the bottom of this post.

Marvin also made me some more avatar poses and he says he’s sending me some more. I’m looking forward to seeing the surprised pose.

So here they are.






Let me know what you think about the avatar poses and video. Do you think online atheism in general has achieved anything or do you think it’s a waste of time?

Board Game Night!

On Sunday we had a board game night. We played Cards Against Humanity, a Christmas trivia game, Smart Ass and Game of Thrones Risk.

Unfortunately, we played Risk last and didn’t have time to actually play. We just set up the board and went over the rules.

I’m hoping we can play a full game soon.

So here are a few pictures from that night.

What board games do you enjoy?

The last one is just a random shot of my girlfriend messing about with Snapchat. This is her superhero picture.

Christmas and First Snow

Today we had our first real snowfall. My baby and I decided to do some Christmas-y stuff. 

We made our way to the store and bought a tree. She didn’t want a white tree at first, but I convinced her with some mighty fine grovelling. 

We made some potato leek soup and decorated our tree. We put up lights and watched a Christmas movie.

It was an altogether delightful day. 

I thought I’d share a few pictures with you all.