Returning To My Blog

So, I’ve been super neglectful of my blog. Not sure how many people will read this, but all is well in my world.

Dexter, my faithful Golden Lab, was recently sprayed by a skunk. That was an adventure at 5:30 am I’m not keen to EVER repeat. He’s doing okay though, and somehow only managed to get sprayed in his mouth and on his muzzle. 

Here’s a quick picture of my baby boy.

My YouTube channel has blown up…in a good way. I recently blew through the 10,000 subscriber mark and am well on the way to reaching 11k. 

My jobs going well and my GF continues to be an amazing person who fills my life with joy.

So, let me know how you’re doing! I also included my most recent video below in case you’re interested.


Dexter Survives Dental Surgery And We’ve Reached 1000 Subscribers

This blog now has over 1000 subscribers! 

Thank you to everyone who has hit the ‘follow’ button over the lifetime of this blog. It’s been a grand adventure and I’ve enjoyed writing my thoughts here.

In other news, Dexter made it through his dental surgery successfully. He was wobbly for a day or so, and Duke was super glad to have his big brother back.

Duke normally doesn’t touch Dexter but he was all over him as soon as he came through the door and gave his big bro lots of kisses.

Exhibit A:

Dex is high in this picture.

In this one he could barely stand.

He spent the night cuddling on my chest.

Here he is back to his old self.

Last but not least, my YouTube channel is growing much faster than I expected. I now have 440 subscribers there. Very unexpected but I’m really enjoying my time over there.

So thanks to everyone who has or is supporting my work here and/or over at YouTube. You all rock!

Update: I’m Not Dead…Yet and Sucky Dog Pictures

Hi all.

So my GF pointed out that I hadn’t posted to this blog in awhile and she was right. So I thought I’d share some pictures of Dexter and throw up an update.

I’ve been busy building my YouTube channel. I’ve been growing steadily and hopefully getting better at making videos. I did my first live stream on Sunday as well with someone from Australia.

That felt really cool to do. I mean, there I was in my living-room having a chat with someone in Australia who shared a lot of the same interests as me, and I was able to interact in real time with his subscribers and mine.

My phone exploded (metaphorically not literally) and it cost me several hundred dollars to get a new one. That was an extremely frustrating process that ended in me getting beat down by my phone company.

I don’t really want to relive it. Still makes me angry inside. *smiles*

Dexter and family are doing well. I got my yearly performance review back at work, and it was a really good one. So I’m hoping that translates into a raise.

Fingers crossed.

And I’m getting back into the gym after being lazy since I broke my toe. That’s been going well and I continue to make strides towards getting back into the shape I was in before Toe-Gate.

Can I use ‘Gate’ to describe a breaking of a toe? It seems as though everyone else does it whenever something happens that turns their world upside down.

So yeah. I’m still breathing even¬†if the world seems to have gone mad and I hope you all are doing well also!

Sucky Dogs and Crappy Weather

Just a few pictures from yesterday. I hope you enjoy them.

Duke laying with one of his toys.

Dexter showing off his toy.

Dexter being a suck.

It’s tummy rub time.

The last two were taken on Sunday. I was supposed to go to a family Xmas party. We do it every year. It would have been the first time my significant other would have met my extended family, but the weather didn’t cooperate. 

We turned around and went home. 

Sleeping Through This Week In Pictures

Hope everyone had a good week. 

Personally, I’ve been keeping busy and getting back into the swing of things after my holidays. It’s nice to see my clients again.

So here are a few pictures from my last week and a bit. I hope you enjoy them.

Dexter taking a much needed nap. He has a hard life.

While he’s sleeping, ninja dog Duke relieves him of his bone.

Oh Dexter. Always sleeping.

No pictures! I must hide!

Have a great weekend all. 

A Very Merry GC Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! 

Mine was great. We spent time with our family and we enjoyed our first Xmas together as a family.

So here are a few pictures.

This is what I got my lady. It has blue diamonds in it. I didn’t even know there were such things as blue diamonds.

This is what I got. I can’t wait for Halloween. 

Dex wearing antlers and a Christmas collar.

He was well rewarded with Antler Stix for his modelling.

Dexter and my mom’s dog wrestling. His name is Charlie.

My baby getting her necklace.

How was your Christmas?