Atheists Are Big Babies and Happy Valentines Day To You All!

I just wanted to share my latest video debunking another YT’er that says atheists are big babies. I hope you can give it a watch and let me know what you thought. Happy Valentines Day to all of you!


Should Voting Be Mandatory?

I was watching a video where the host was asked whether he thought voting should be mandatory.

He was split on the issue, and argued a bit from both perspectives. On one hand he thought that since we have mandatory jury duty, it makes sense that we could have mandatory voting. He also argued it might be better for the country, since in polling, America (and you could likely argue the same in many Western countries) the country leans Left, which means the Liberal party would be far more likely to win.

On the other hand, he didn’t much like the idea that people would be forced to vote.

I’m pretty firmly in the camp against mandatory voting. In fact, I think mandatory jury duty is awful as well, and it isn’t a good excuse to force people to do more.

Anyhow, I made a video about it that goes a little bit more in depth. It also includes the original hosts points.

So what do you think? Should voting be mandatory? Why or why not?

Happy weekend all!

New YouTube Avatar!

I just wanted to show off my new avatar that I’ll be using in my YouTube videos. A creator on YouTube made them for me out of the kindness of his heart. I just love them!


His at rest stance.


Close to facepalm stance?

Anyhow, there will likely be more in the future but I can’t get over how nice they are. At least in my opinion.

Do you like them?


Re: Tribalism or Identity Politics

So I was going to write a longer response to Mak’s post, which offers some food for thought about Tribalism and identity politics.

I arrived home from work, and decided to sit down and watch a few videos before I would type up some sort of reply.

Coincidence led me to a video that offered a better response than I could give here in writing.

Please watch it to the end when you’re done reading this.

But just before that I want to address one small point that Mak made to my statement. I said:

The reason why I’ve written so much about ideologies lately on this blog is because of identity politics and how dangerous I believe it to be. I think this is another direct result of that.

Mak’s response was:

And I disagree with his analysis. it is not identity politics that is the culprit, no, it is years of oppression based on perceived or real differences that finds expression in such acts of violence.

The person tortured in that video I was commenting on had nothing to do with that past oppression and neither do most of the people alive today. That is no excuse for mistreating people and it never will be.

(I’m not saying that Mak was saying it was by the way)

When people enslaved, segregated and tortured black people (for example) because of the color of their skin, they were doing so for power and they did so by using identity politics. It is the outcome of identity politics taken to its sickening conclusion.

Grouping people into categories and assigning attributes to them based on arbitrary traits is exactly how practices like slavery begin. Those people believed that all black people were inferior animals who deserved to be enslaved. They assigned attributes to them (brutish, less intelligent etc) based on the arbitrary trait of having a darker skin color than themselves.

It didn’t lead to humane treatment then and it doesn’t now. People are individuals and should be judged on what they do; on their personalities; by the merits of their actions. Not on things such as gender, skin color etc.

A ‘history of oppression’ doesn’t excuse wrongdoing. It doesn’t excuse violence, torture or racism in return.

As Martin Luther King once said:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Special Needs Man Tortured and Beaten For 24-48 Hours

A sickening news story is blowing up on social media and the mainstream media is sluggishly beginning to report on it.

A special needs man was kidnapped and held hostage for 24-48 hours. He was cut, beaten, and made to drink from a dirty toilet, while being live streamed on Facebook:

The suspects — two men and two women — allegedly assaulted the victim and then broadcast it “for the entire world to see,” said Johnson.

Video of the violent assault shows a white man with his mouth taped shut as his captors repeatedly torture him. Someone is heard yelling, “F—- white people.”

At one point, the victim was threatened with a knife and told to curse President-elect Donald Trump.

“Say f— Donald Trump,” someone is heard saying.

“F— Donald Trump,” the victim says.


The suspects, three of whom are Chicago residents, are expected to be charged in the next 24 hours, Cmdr. Duffin said. Police will determine whether kidnapping or hate crime charges will be given to the suspects, who he described as “young adults.” They have all given video statements.

When I first heard this story on social media last night, I tried finding it on major news networks because I thought it might be a hoax. There have been several fake hate crimes reported since the election of Donald Trump, but this one seems to be the real thing.

Last night I was able to find a story on CBS but other mainstream news channels have begun to report on it this morning.

I think it should definitely be classified as a hate crime. It was racially and politically motivated and they have video evidence of the attackers yelling racial and political slurs.

The reason why I’ve written so much about ideologies lately on this blog is because of identity politics and how dangerous I believe it to be. I think this is another direct result of that.

We put people into racial and gender categories instead of treating them like individuals and then we teach some of those categories that other groups are oppressing them. We even teach people that some groups are incapable of being racist, when that (power + prejudice = racism) clearly isn’t true.

I think these types of events will continue to escalate as long as we go down the insidious path of identity politics.

We need to stop playing identity politics now.

Edit: Hate crime charges have been laid.

My video below.


Man Fights Off Cougar With Bare Hands To Save His Dogs

Pretty amazing story of a Canadian man who fought off a cougar with his bare hands to save his two pet Huskies.

I’m pretty sure I’d be doing the same thing if it had been Dexter who was being attacked by a cougar.

I think most dog owners would do the same, but what a crazy moment that must have been – to run over to save your dog only to be confronted by a cougar.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy the video I made about the incident. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Would you have done the same? Do you think the cougar should have been killed afterward?

Dildo Nativity Scene Pisses Off Christian Groups


A Spanish sex shop put up a Nativity scene in their shop window that featured Mary, Joseph and Jesus painted on ceramic dildos, and it has pissed some Christian groups off:

Christian groups are fuming after a Spanish sex shop erected a ‘nativity scene’ depicting Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus painted on ceramic dildos.

The appropriately named ‘Non Sit Peccatum’ (or ‘not a sin’ in Latin) was subjected to protests after shop owner Hector Valdivielso commissioned the images, which were displayed in the window.

As a result, he’s been (allegedly) threatened:

The shop owner took to Facebook to express his opinion, stating, “A man with his wife ordered me to remove the offending scene and said that if I didn’t he would remove it himself.”

Personally, I’m always wary when someone says they’ve been threatened but doesn’t have any more proof than their word. We’ve seen how this sort of accusation can turn out to be a hoax after the American election, where crybabies were falsely accusing others of hate crimes that didn’t take place.

The store owner did post a letter he says he received as a result of the dildo Nativity scene:

Valdivielso also posted an image of a hate letter he received, which read: “Don’t you have the balls to display something that would offend Muslims? Of course not, because they would blow you up.”

He has since taken the display down, and started asking people to vote online about whether the display should go back up, which smacks of a publicity campaign.

But I do have to admit that the story made me chuckle when I first read it, and I absolutely think he should be allowed to put up the display.

However, I can certainly understand when people make the argument that it’s in poor taste.

But poor taste isn’t illegal.

What do you think, dear reader?