The Purpose of Life

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Purpose of Life

As someone who does not believe in heaven or hell, or rewards on the basis of life lived, I often wonder what the purpose of life is. It does seem rather arrogant to assume that our ephemeral lives would have a sense of purpose behind them, yet nonetheless I persist in my questioning. As has often been said, the problem with finding the purpose in life presupposes that purpose has to be found. Maybe, purpose has to be created. Maybe everyone has to create his or her own purpose.

In finding a purpose, the first thought I wrestled with was that after a certain period of time, I will not exist and life is extremely temporary. However, the problem with this thought is that it claims I will not exist. I may not continue to exist, but surely, I would have existed. And this drew me towards an interesting idea.

Although our lives will end, we are immortalized. We exist in this time, in this moment, and nothing can stop that. Let me articulate it in a more concise manner.

I think that the past, present, and future occur simultaneously. After all, what is present for us now will become past a minute later. We exist, permanently, in every single second that we have occupied. Some time in the past, you were still learning how to walk. If the past and the present do occur simultaneously, a past version of you is still leaning how to walk. And so your past shall exist forever. Those times will exist forever.

In the future, you have already died. You have ceased to exist. But how is that relevant? The terrifying thought is not of us dying, but of us ceasing to exist. And if every single one of our seconds lived are untouched, unscathed from the death that will inevitably approach, what is it there to be afraid of?

The trick is to live in the minutes, because that is where life lies. You seize the moment to the best and enjoy it, because these times are your forever, and you are, in the truest sense of the word, eternal.

While these thoughts help me realize the continuity and relevance of life, they are from a purpose. I will not be so audacious as to proclaim a constant, inflexible purpose for every creature to exist. I can only narrate what my purpose is, and hope it enables you to find your own.

Most people believe in some sort of omnipotent deity who watches over everything and rewards the good guys and punishes the bad guys. I personally find the notion absurd. An omnipotent being creating a universe billions of years old for the sake of a planet in which us humans could occupy a minuscule portion of history? I find the idea of everything being created especially for us too be too far-fetched, especially when you take a look at the stars and the sky and accept you own insignificance with regards to everything outside the planet. The entire cosmos remains unaffected by our existence, yet it was designed especially for us? Kinda like using a 2 TB hard drive for storing a three page document.

When we die, our brain activity continues for about seven minutes. In those seven minutes, everything plays through our mind in a dream like sequence, as a result of the brain secreting chemicals and whatnot. In these seven minutes of our final dream, we watch our life flash before our eyes. And my purpose is to make those seven minutes worth watching, by creating as many memories as possible.

You will reside forever in the memories you create.  There are billions of you existing simultaneously in different points of time.  Keep as many versions of yourself happy as you possibly can.  Live in the moment,  because that is where you are fated to live.


What Makes You Smile?

Woke up this morning to a light kiss on my forehead and it made me smile. After some more sleeping, snoring, stretching and coffee-ing (it’s a word damn it!) I started to think about things that make me smile. I hope you’ll share yours in the comment section. Here are a few of mine.

My job

No seriously. I laugh a lot at my job. Here’s an example.

Just the other day a client of mine was with another worker. We have been working together for three years and we love to goof on each other.

Anyhow, he discovered the voice text on the other workers phone, which reads back the text once you’ve completed your message. I was with another client at the time halfway across the city, and I receive a text from him.

“You’re a crazy dude”, it read. I immediately began to laugh out loud.

I’ve definitely had a lot of laughs at my job and I still can’t believe how lucky I am.

Dexter…and Duke

Dexter makes me smile every day. I love him to pieces, which is likely no surprise to those who have read this blog before. No matter how depressing the world seems to have become, Dexter is always there with a lick and a cuddle.

While Sir Duke the Chihuahua and I have our differences over the whole barking thing, he’s also a lovable little man. One of the things that makes me smile is when we play ‘fight club’. He likes to play wrestle – usually somewhere on his mommy’s mid-section – and he bounces around and tries to wrestle one of my fingers into non-existence. It’s funny to watch.

I think Dexter might be in fight club mode.

Playing video games

Wow. Now that I think about it I haven’t played a video game in at least a month.

However, when I do play it makes me smile. It’s just good fun to be transported somewhere else for a little while. I also find this with reading. I’ve always loved to read and am currently reading ‘Brave New World’. It’s good so far. A little scary as well.

Now I’m rambling. Ummmmm….

Well, there’s three things that make me smile. What makes you smile on the regular?


How Political Correctness Helped Get Donald Trump Elected

I consider myself part of the ‘Left’ in many ways. I suppose if I had to label myself, I’d likely go with Classical Liberal, which makes the decay of the Left even more painful to watch.

Since the election that propelled Donald Trump to power, the Left wing media has suffered a meltdown, and finger pointing abounds. Blog posts and news articles are pointing fingers at women, white people, white men, racists, homophobes, xenophobes etc.

Take these headlines as examples of what I’m talking about.


As if voting for someone because of the genitalia they happened to be born with is a good idea.


Curious how that happened. Women must hate themselves. They’re clearly suffering from internalized misogyny.


Yes. That’s why Obama won twice. All those racists were sucked into a spaceship on election day and only the non-racists were allowed to vote. During the Trump election, the aliens just wanted to see how things would go if they allowed all those racists to cast a vote this time around.

This election wasn’t about misogyny or racism. Sure, there are racists and sexists who voted for Trump, but they don’t have the numbers to elect someone President. For that they need a lot of help, and that help partially came from a counter-revolution against SJW’s and their stifling brand of political correctness.

Many of those white women and men didn’t vote Trump because they hate brown people and/or women, but because they’re sick and tired of being painted as bad people simply because they were born male and/or white or because they were born women and don’t live up to the expectations of (some) third wave feminists. They voted that way in protest, because a large part of the Left has become authoritarian in nature and they punish people with shame whenever someone disagrees with them.

People are tired of safe spaces that infantilize students; they’re sick of safe spaces that seek to regress Western civilization to a time when segregation was the order of the day.


People are sick of being told what Halloween costumes they’re allowed to wear, like in the following video.

Social Justice Warriors even decided to call video games sexist, and Hillary went ahead and branded 50% of Trump voters as a basket of deplorables.

Everywhere you look, everything is some sort of ‘ism’ or an example of one group supposedly hating another and if you disagree or don’t see it…well…you’re part of the problem!

Many hard working, ordinary people are sick and tired of Social Justice Warriors and political correctness. I’m not talking about the political correctness that merely means trying to be polite to one another, but the kind that seeks to punish, shame and silence dissent of any kind.

This seething anger was boiling beneath the surface and along comes Trump who just talks trash without bothering to even try to moderate his language to suit politically correct audiences. He just opens his mouth and spews forth words, and to those who are suffocating beneath the blanket of SJW PC culture, it seems like a breath of fresh air.

If you were paying attention, you could see this election unfolding this way from a mile off. It wasn’t set in stone by any means, but the potential was always there and Trump tapped into it.

As a consequence, you now have a President that openly said America should kill Muslim families because someone in their family might be a terrorist. I mean, even the hosts at FOX News look horrified by what he’s saying.

I quote from the video:

“With the terrorists, you have to take out their families,” Trump said. “When you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families.”

“They care about their lives, don’t kid yourself. But they say they don’t care about them. You have to take out their families.”

The regressive, authoritarian Left is partially to blame for the bitter pill that is Trump, and America will likely be choking on that pill for 4 long years.

The Left needs to take ownership and stop pointing fingers at others. That’s what lead to this problem in the first place. Instead, they should turn that finger around and point it squarely at their own chests, and then get to work getting their house in order.

As George Carlin once warned:

Political correctness is America’s newest form of intolerance, and it is especially pernicious because it comes disguised as tolerance. It presents itself as fairness, yet attempts to restrict and control people’s language with strict codes and rigid rules. I’m not sure that’s the way to fight discrimination. I’m not sure silencing people or forcing them to alter their speech is the best method for solving problems that go much deeper than speech.

Part of the problem are the smug, entitled, elitist, leftists who perpetuate this sort of smothering politically correct atmosphere, and I fear that they have learned nothing from this election.

36 Questions Women Have For Men – My Answers Part 2

These questions are based off a video. You can find part 1 by following the link.

Let’s jump right into this!

14. How does it feel to interrupt me when I’m making a point during a meeting?

I try not to interrupt people, but depending on the circumstances, it might be necessary. You might have a question or need clarification on a point before moving on to the next.

We can probably all agree that unnecessarily interrupting anyone when they’re trying to speak is rude. This doesn’t just apply to women.

15. Why do you have to sit with your legs so wide open?

It’s comfortable. We have testicles that are sensitive and squishing our legs together can be uncomfortable.

Not sure why it much matters either. Feel free to sit as you wish.

16. Why are women perceived as the “weaker sex” even though we literally give birth to you?

Biology. On average, men are physically stronger than women. To say otherwise is to ignore reality.

For example: “But in one way, the sex difference is stark: Men are physically stronger than women, on average. A study in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that men had an average of 26 lbs. (12 kilograms) more skeletal muscle mass than women. Women also exhibited about 40 percent less upper-body strength and 33 percent less lower-body strength, on average, the study found.”

That doesn’t mean that some women can’t be stronger than some men, but on average this just isn’t the case.

17. Why is it so bad to show your emotions?

Yeah, I can agree with this one. I was taught from an early age that showing your emotions was weak. I think the societal norm that demands men not show emotion is likely damaging to men, and it’s an unrealistic expectation.

18. Why are you always trying to prove your masculinity to me?

Why do women try to prove their femininity to men?

I’m not 100% positive, since I’m not all that macho. However, I’m guessing that at least part of it is that women often like masculine men.

19. Why the fuck isn’t it ladylike to cuss?

I’m fine with cussing whether you’re a man or woman. Personally, I think there is a time and place for cussing no matter what sex you are.

20. When did words get genders?

Whenever we invented grammatical gender.

21. Why is it your first instinct to doubt women who have been sexually violated or raped?

I neither believe nor disbelieve. Our justice system is based on innocence until proven guilty.

If I accused you of molesting children or ax murdering people, should people automatically believe you’re guilty?

There are also plenty of examples of people falsely accusing others of rape. That’s why our justice system is built the way it is.

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t empathize with them or offer them help if I’m able.

22. Why do you assume a woman is angry because she’s on her period?

Why do some women believe the same thing?: “A Glamour magazine poll found that 58 per cent of women blamed their periods for their emotional outbursts.

Personally, I don’t. I think women can control themselves just like any other human being, and PMS isn’t an excuse for acting badly.

23. Why do you think women who wear makeup are false advertising?

I don’t. I think they can wear makeup or not. I don’t give a flying crap.

24. Why isn’t it weird that there’s a bunch of old white men sitting in a room making legislation about what I can and can’t do with my body?

It is weird and I don’t think being a man or white means they’re unable to make good decisions concerning birth control and reproductive rights. There are plenty of young and old white men who are on your side on this one.

What does race have to do with it anyways? If it were a room of old brown men, would you feel more comfortable with their decisions?

Women can also run for election. In fact, there are more women than men in America so you’re at least partially responsible for this outcome.

25. Why are straight guys so obsessed with lesbians?

The same reason why many women like gay porn: “The truth is far more interesting. Because, while ‘lesbian porn’ has long done a roaring trade among straight men, it seems a growing number of women are turning to man-on-man action to get them going. Indeed, there’s an entire subculture of women who believe that, in the words of one online viewer, “there’s nothing better than watching two handsome guys f******.”

26. How does it feel to get kicked in the balls?

It hurts like hell.

27. Do you ever get tired of trying to be manly all the time?

Most of the time I don’t try. I don’t go around thinking ‘what would a man do in this situation’. I just am a man.

If you’re asking if whether upholding some of the gender stereotypes is annoying, I think I’ve already answered that elsewhere.

28. Why are you so afraid of gender equality?

I’m all for equality. I find that my idea of equality is radically different than other people sometimes. I don’t think equality means only looking at issues from a male or female perspective or that ignoring one sex in favor of the other is a good way of achieving equality.

29. Why do I deserve to be paid less than you?

You don’t.

30. In what world does 77 cents equal a dollar?

It doesn’t, but the wage gap has been refuted many, many times.

Even common sense refutes it. If companies – who have the sole purpose of making money – only had to pay women 77% of what a man makes, there would be no need to hire another man…ever.

31. In what world does 68 cents equal a dollar?

Same as above. Why is the number changing?

32. How is that fair?

We’ve already established it’s a myth.

33. Why are you intimidated by a woman who makes more money than you?

Go you! I’m fine with women making more than me. I’ve dated several women who did make more than me and it didn’t matter one whit. I don’t do my current job because I want to be rich. I do it because I think it’s important, and I enjoy it.

34. Why are opinionated women seen as bitches, when opinionated men are seen as bosses?

They’re not. They’re often seen as assholes or douche bags or told they’re mansplaining. It all depends how you deliver your opinion. That goes for men and women.

35. Why aren’t you speaking up when you hear your male friends behind closed doors make jokes that are offensive to women?

Are you seriously trying to convince me that women (or men) don’t make jokes at the expense of males?

Here’s an entire list of men jokes. Here’s an example to whet your appetite:

Q: What is the difference between a man and a vulture?

A: A vulture waits until you’re dead before ripping your heart out.

36. Why are you so afraid of recognizing your own privilege?

Why are you?

I’m thinking you’re a little more privileged than this guy. So am I. I have no problem recognizing that fact.


Phew. There’s the answers to all 36. Thanks for reading!

36 Questions Women Have For Men – My Answers Part 1

There’s Buzzfeed video (I’ll include it at the bottom of this post) called 36 Questions Women Have For Men. 

I thought I’d give answering them a whirl.

1. How does it feel to be the same sex as Donald Trump?

I’m also the same sex as Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci.

Not sure what your point is. Imagine if I asked you how it felt to be the same sex as Karla Homolka or Elizabeth Bathory.

2. Why do you hate rom coms?

I don’t. I actually like quite a few of them. I’ve watched Jerry Maguire more times than I’d like to admit and The Notebook makes me choke up.

I do think they’re often unrealistic, but I enjoy quite a few of them.

3. Why do you make women sit around and talk about men in movies when you all will easily sit around and talk about boobs for hours?

I’m guessing because some women like watching women in movies talk about their good looking costars.

Guys don’t sit around for hours talking about boobs any more than women sit around and talk about ripped abs for hours.

4. Why do you automatically assume that you won’t like TV shows or movies that star a female lead?

I don’t care if the lead is male or female. I just finished watching the first season of Jessica Jones and absolutely loved it. There are a lot of movies I like that have female leads. All I care about is whether the movie or show is entertaining.

5. Why are you surprised when women are funny?

I’m not. Some of the women I’ve known throughout my life have been some of the funniest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. There are a ton of female stand-up comics that I find hilarious, such as Ellen DeGeneres.

6. Why do you think we’re obsessed with you when we hook up?

Personally, I don’t. If the relationship is new and you’re not interested, I’ll move on. I’m not going to beg you to be with me.

7. Why can’t I sleep with as many people as I want without being judged? When men do it, they’re congratulated.

Because it’s a shitty societal expectation. I’m with you on this one – I think we are far too uptight about sex and there shouldn’t be a double standard. I do think this is changing slowly.

8. Why do you consider a woman a tease if she doesn’t sleep with you after three dates, but a slut if she sleeps with you on the first date?

I don’t. I think they can have sex whenever they want. I think individuals have different wants and needs. There are women who (hypothetically) if I didn’t have sex with them or at least show interest in having sex with them after three dates, would question whether I was really interested in them. Maybe they walk away, maybe they question me or maybe they just wait it out.

9. In what world does no mean yes?

None. Believe it or not, the vast, vast, vast majority of men aren’t rapists.

Hard to believe, right?

10. Why do you say women are too emotional to be leaders then justify catcalling by saying that men can’t control themselves?

I don’t think women are too emotional to be leaders. My bosses are all women, except one. They do a terrific job.

I also think men can control themselves. I’ve never heard a man that I’ve known say otherwise. To say men can’t control themselves is insulting. I’m not an animal incapable of self-control.

11. Why do you think that just because you’re nice to me, I owe you my body?

I don’t. That’s a stupid question. I’m nice to women all the time, just as I am to men. I don’t think any of them owe me their body. How ridiculous.

12. Why would you ever send an unsolicited dick pic?

Okay, I agree with this one. If you’re a guy, why do you do this? It’s stupid and isn’t likely to attract a woman.

There is an option though. You can block and delete them. Depending on the circumstances, you can also report them.

13. Why do you think its okay to harass women or make offensive comments about women, but when someone does it to your sister it’s not okay?

Why do some women think it’s okay to call men ‘little bitches‘ because they were suffering severe side-effects after testing male birth control?

I don’t think harassing anyone is okay, whether they’re male or female. I find it hard to believe you don’t understand why humans might be more apt to protect people in their immediate family over a complete stranger though.

I’ve known plenty of people who were ‘big sisters’ and a good percentage of them were protective of their brothers, but they might not bat an eye if another boy they didn’t know was being picked on.

You can find part two by following this link.

It’s Time To Legalize Marijuana

According to a recent Think Progress piece, legalizing marijuana is a very lucrative idea for the economy, workers in the industry and the government:

It turns out pot is a stronger economic driver than 90 percent of the industries active in Colorado.

Legal weed created 18,005 full-time jobs and added about $2.4 billion to the state’s economy last year, an analysis from the Marijuana Policy Group (MPG)shows.

Between the dollars that customers spend and the money businesspeople invest in their crops and shops, pot is generating more wealth and activity than almost anything else on a pound-for-pound basis. Every dollar spent in the industry generates between $2.13 and $2.40 in economic activity. Only federal government spending has a higher multiplier.

Couple this with the insane rate of incarceration for marijuana possession, and I just don’t see the upside to keeping it illegal:

Law enforcement officers made just over 700,000 arrests on marijuana-related charges in 2014, according to data released by the FBI on Monday. Of that total, 88.4 percent — or about 619,800 arrests — were made for marijuana possession alone, a rate of about one arrest every 51 seconds over the entire year.

Every 51 seconds someone is arrested. Thousands of people each year are locked up for taking a drug that is arguably far safer and less destructive than alcohol, which is legal.

This is insanity. Total insanity.

Make it legal already. Allow the government to regulate and tax it. Make it safe for the consumer and if people want to do it, let them. We have to stop locking people up for this. It’s ruining lives.

Just say you’re arrested for marijuana possession. You’re convicted. You go to jail and now you have a criminal record. It’s harder to find a job, make money, support yourself and your family. You’re now contributing less to the economy and the whole goddamn thing is just a bloody waste of time and resources.

If you’re reading this you might be thinking I just want it legalized because I enjoy marijuana, and you’d be wrong. The smell turns my stomach. However, it’s stupid to ruin lives trying to prevent people from smoking marijuana.

People are doing it anyways, and it’s their body. Put those police resources to better use, because crimes are going unsolved while you lock people up for smoking a joint:

Angell also pointed to FBI data showing that clearance rates for a number of violent crimes have been historically low in recent years. More than a third of murders went unsolved in 2014, for example.

“There’s just no good reason that so much police time and taxpayer money is spent punishing people for marijuana when so many murders, rapes and robberies go unsolved,” Angell said.

Legalize it. Legalize it in America and Canada. Stop wrecking lives and wasting resources.

Just Because You Don’t Agree With Feminism Doesn’t Mean You Can Make Crap Up

I watched a video earlier about the 200 (or so) people who left an Amy Shumer show after she made jokes about Trump.

To be honest, I wasn’t impressed by the jokes or the fact that she called an audience member up on stage just to mock him because he said he wouldn’t vote for Hilary. However, that’s neither here nor there, since going to a comedy show often results in embarrassment for someone in the crowd.

I don’t really care that she used her free speech to politicize her comedy routine or that people used their feet to protest by leaving the show.

What I really took issue with is the person in the video (you can find the video at the end of this post) saying that Amy Shumer was a hypocrite because as a feminist, she had admitted to sexually assaulting a man who was drunk when she was in college, and because she was a woman and not a man, she had gotten away with it.

Being the skeptic that I am, I did some research to see if this claim was true. I tracked down the interview and sure enough, she doesn’t admit to sexually assaulting anyone.

At least in my opinion.

Basically, the first part of her speech centers around how she felt inadequate and starved for the attention of a man. She likes this guy, Matt, who reciprocates somewhat, and one day he calls and invites her over. She goes over to his room, only to find that he’s drunk.

You can read the entire speech by following this link:

Finally, the door opens. It’s Matt, but not really. He’s there, but not really. His face is kind of distorted, and his eyes seem like he can’t focus on me. He’s actually trying to see me from the side, like a shark. “Hey!” he yells, too loud, and gives me a hug, too hard. He’s fucking wasted.

This is where the charge of sexual assault begins. The idea is that because he was drunk and unable to consent, she raped him. But if you read the rest of the interview, this isn’t the case. She spends most of her time wanting to be somewhere else, and at no point does she say she was doing something to him without his consent.

We tried kissing. His 9 a.m. shadow was scratching my face — I knew it’d look like I had fruit-punch mouth for days after. His alcohol-swollen mouth, I felt like I was being tongued by someone who had just been given Novocain. I felt faceless, and nameless. I was just a warm body, and I was freezing cold. His fingers poked inside me like they had lost their keys in there. And then came the sex, and I use that word very loosely. His penis was so soft, it felt like one of those de-stress things that slips from your hand? So he was pushing aggressively into my thigh, and during this failed penetration, I looked around the room to try and distract myself or God willing, disassociate.

As you can see, Matt is the one doing the touching and trying to push his flaccid penis inside of her. She was trying to distract herself from the unpleasantness of the situation.

He started to go down on me. That’s ambitious, I think. Is it still considered getting head if the guy falls asleep every three seconds and moves his tongue like an elderly person eating their last oatmeal? Chelsea? Is it? Yes? It is. I want to scream for myself, “Get out of here, Amy. You are beautiful, you are smart, and worth more than this. This is not where you stay.”

Again, Matt is doing the touching. She’s just laying there.

At this point in the story, Matt falls asleep and Amy is still awake. She doesn’t like the music that’s playing so she jostles him awake and asks him to change the music. He crawls along the floor and changes the CD. He then resumes his inept attempt at sex.

I could feel I was losing myself to this girl in this bed. He stood up and put a new CD on. “Darling, you send me, I know you send me, honest, you do …” I’m thinking, “What is this?” He crawled back into bed, and tried to mash at this point his third ball into my vagina. On his fourth thrust, he gave up and fell asleep on my breast. His head was heavy and his breath was so sour, I had to turn my head so my eyes didn’t water.

That hardly sounds like she was sexually assaulting him. After reading the entire speech, I couldn’t for the life of me see how any of this could be construed as her sexually assaulting Matt.

It wasn’t as if he passed out and she pushed his penis inside her. It wasn’t like she was groping him while he was unable to consent.

He was the one initiating. In fact, at no point did she describe herself  initiating anything as far as I can tell. Going to his dorm room isn’t initiating sex and it certainly doesn’t constitute sexual assault or rape.

What do you think? Do you think Amy admitted to sexual assault?

Personally, I just don’t see it.

Go to the 2:50 mark to hear the sexual assault allegation made against Amy Shumer