Returning To My Blog

So, I’ve been super neglectful of my blog. Not sure how many people will read this, but all is well in my world.

Dexter, my faithful Golden Lab, was recently sprayed by a skunk. That was an adventure at 5:30 am I’m not keen to EVER repeat. He’s doing okay though, and somehow only managed to get sprayed in his mouth and on his muzzle. 

Here’s a quick picture of my baby boy.

My YouTube channel has blown up…in a good way. I recently blew through the 10,000 subscriber mark and am well on the way to reaching 11k. 

My jobs going well and my GF continues to be an amazing person who fills my life with joy.

So, let me know how you’re doing! I also included my most recent video below in case you’re interested.


How To Hide and Snuggle

Just wanted to post a few pictures of Hide n’ Go Snuggle. It’s a game our dogs seem fairly good at.

Duke loves to burrow in blankets and make a little fort.


Dexter more likes to be found and snuggled, especially if you’ve been gone awhile without his consent.

They both love to sleep.

It’s a hard dog life.

A Dog’s Ten Commandments

1: I am THE DOG, your God…errrr…dog


2: Thou shalt not miss a meal



3: Thou shalt have no other dogs above me (even visiting another dog will be frowned upon)

dogs_love4: Honor thy dog with treats and pets




5: Thou shalt forgive and love me no matter what antics I get up to

6: I will supervise every move you make

7: In the beginning there was dog…oh wait. That’s Genesis.

img_0395.jpg8: Thou shalt be uncomfortable to provide me comfort





9: Thou shalt protect my doggy dignity


10: When I stare or drool, you listendex