Returning To My Blog

So, I’ve been super neglectful of my blog. Not sure how many people will read this, but all is well in my world.

Dexter, my faithful Golden Lab, was recently sprayed by a skunk. That was an adventure at 5:30 am I’m not keen to EVER repeat. He’s doing okay though, and somehow only managed to get sprayed in his mouth and on his muzzle. 

Here’s a quick picture of my baby boy.

My YouTube channel has blown up…in a good way. I recently blew through the 10,000 subscriber mark and am well on the way to reaching 11k. 

My jobs going well and my GF continues to be an amazing person who fills my life with joy.

So, let me know how you’re doing! I also included my most recent video below in case you’re interested.



  1. Poor Dexter – and poor you, I suppose, as you had to clean him afterwards, haha! I wondered whether you had given up on your blog, but glad to see you are back and that your personal life is going well. We are all well here in France – and our new dog, Forgy, doesn’t have to deal with skunks, as we don’t have any in Europe!

    As for original sin (or even ordinary sin – which I call “mistakes in life”), the whole idea leaves me cold and only has relevance to religious fundamentalists. We come here to learn from our mistakes, that’s all.

  2. Oh, poor Dexter/ And poor you. I only had to deal with that once, and its the sort of thing you–and the dog–usually remember forever. Coulda been worse, it coulda been quills…

    I’ll trot over now and see what you’re up to.

  3. Hey there, Godless!…

    …and baby boy Dexter!!

    Original Sin is a great topic of discussion. So onward and upward!

    It is bold, 50 pixel size print that something is catastrophically wrong with human nature.

    Ancient literature from the Greeks, the Hebrews and others treats the subject with creative daring and aplomb.

    The biblical story of Adam and Eve tells about how the first people completely ruined the beautiful, pure and stupendous nature that God had given to man.

    Additionally, if someone reams their nervous and cardiovascular systems by taking copious amounts of cocaine or heroin over a prolonged period of time, are the horrible health consequences God’s fault?

    Clearly, not. It is the drug user who damages himself.

    The correct way to look at Original Sin is what man did to himself, not what God did to man.

    The punishment from God included man having to work for a living and woman experiencing pain during child birth.

    Christian theology teaches that any punishment meted out by God is salutary.

    Further, Christian theology is dead dog (pardon me, Dexter) clear that God’s response to mankind ruining himself forevermore was to send Jesus, His Son to heal the ruin…

    …thus showing mercy, not something punitive.

  4. Hey, stranger! 🙂

    Congratulations on achieving subscribers in the five figures! Mad impressive! Great to see Dex, please give him smooches for me! I left WP in July for a few months and just got back about a week and a half ago. I did a post and you is one of the one’s that was on mah mind when I typed it. hit me back and I’ll send you the link. Don’t want to do it now because not sure if it will go to spam!

    The first couple words in the title are: “Thanks From the Heart…”

    I need to get on over to your channel, lolz! See what ya bin up to. Congrats again, you. I am definitely so damn proud of you. You made it happen!

    P.S. You ain’t married that girl yet? wth? heh! Mad love to you guys! Give Dex a big smooch from me, plz.


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