Atheists Are Big Babies and Happy Valentines Day To You All!

I just wanted to share my latest video debunking another YT’er that says atheists are big babies. I hope you can give it a watch and let me know what you thought. Happy Valentines Day to all of you!



  1. Id have been happier to listen to this if he wasn’t such a bloody mumbler. And I still can’t make the connect between big babies and atheists.

    You’re right, though, it’s a strange strange analogy that holds about as much water as a colander. My first thought was that he was saying the ‘phony boy” as a euphemism for being gay.

    And truly, I suspect there are very few people online and in public who use their real names, we’ve been taught since our first day online to USE aliases, and some of us are three and four layers deep, depending on where we are and what we’re about.

    Can’t see where atheism enters into that at all, just caution.

  2. Really? I began struggling with this guy’s demeanor in less than 1-min. Ugh. But I pushed through to be fair and to be human like him. “Secretly aliens…” Bwahahahahaha! Thanks for the Colbert truthiness GC! 😛

    Geezzzz, it just gets better, huh? Hah.

    After wanting to only see YOUR interjections GC, I finally made it through his hypnotically-sleeping tone to the end. 😮
    Presupposition after presupposition after MORE presuppositions by Athiest Spanker. Btw, is he into BDSM? Is that why he spanks? 😉

    I’d be very curious what educational level this gentleman obtained. I hope he at least graduated from high school. Yet, sadly in the U.S. (particularly in the South/Bible-belt), the percentage of students 18-25 yrs old obtaining even 2-years of community college, much less 4-yrs at university, are appallingly low! I’d guess this man is from one of the states (assuming he’s American by his vocal dilect) with mediocre-to-poor (very poor?) rankings of quality education-levels obtained. Do you know GC?

    This guy can be used — by any ideological group — as a prime example of how to tell eye-closing folktales or childrens bedtime stories in place of sleep aids! Yawn.

    Thanks for all the laughs GC. 😉

  3. Dear Mr. Cranium (May I call you by your last name?) First let me say, from what I’ve read, you seem to have encountered the seemy side of Christian religion (I don’t like or believe in either of those terms.) That Baptist pastor’s explanation on your video is typical of so many “religious” zealots. They think if they talk enough or pray enough or quote enough scripture they’ll make believers out of non-believers. Many of them are judgmental, condescending, hypocritical, homophobic, intolerant, elitist bigots. They are good at telling you you ought to believe like they believe. Like so many segments of our society, they have abandoned the desire for peaceful discourse with anyone who believes differently from them. Such a sad commentary on our culture. I’d be happy to continue a discussion along the lines of healthy respectful debate. If you’re interested, you can reach me at

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