Are Atheists Unreasonable Bigots?

Found a video made by a pastor who says that atheists are just unreasonable bigots in the title. He doesn’t do much to back his claim on the ‘bigot’ portion but he did try to provide evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.

Here is my response. I hope you enjoy it.



  1. This guy’s argument is simply screwy, in the box or out of the box. I also wonder how if I’m not believing in something, i.e. not being persuaded of some notion, and thus having a complete ABSENCE of belief, and further NOT IMPOSING that absent belief on anyone else, can I be called a bigot. I always thought a bigot was someone who propounded their intractable views/beliefs and foisted them on others. As to the argument: another case of ‘my facts’ are better than ‘your facts’. I often wonder why the faithful even concern themselves at all with non-believers.

  2. A very intriguing video GC, especially if one wants to see (understand?) the meaning behind “Don’t put the cart in front of the horse.” In other words, the fact that Pastor Kim immediately jumps into a time period of 30-33 CE Jerusalem (“Resurrection” myths), a time which had as many as 8-12 Judean sects believing differing variations of Messianic eschatology RELATIVE TO their reigning rulers: the Roman Empire. Then LEAP IN without giving any historical context or backdrop of Roman and Judean literary and theological backdrops… Pastor Kim commits the first major faux pas of “sound teaching” in front of a classroom dry-erase board. Hah!

    When the historical contexts between 500 BCE to 476 CE from many Roman and non-Roman sources are abundantly available to anyone, then no one will be able to truly understand how a 2nd century Jewish Welfare Movement (around the Mediterranean Sea) based on a common story-telling style of Jewish Messianic fervor/salvation was eventually hijacked in the 4th century by the Roman Empire itself using THEIR common deification styles. Ironically, this process of “deification” was very popular world-wide going as far back as Egyptian Pharoahs to Alexander the Great to Simon Magus to the modern Apollo Quiboloy.

    This begs the question, what particular LENS do you want to gaze through and why? Or in the case of Pastor Kim: what TINY AMPUTATED narrow lens do you gaze through upon the entire world and its known history?

    Enjoyed your interjections GC. 😉 😛

  3. [ Smiles ] No, I wouldn’t say that Atheists are unreasonable bigots.

    I think that some Christians believe that they are Holier than Thou; they tend to believe that they are better than everyone else.

    Even though I like to consider myself as a spiritual person, I would never ever try to force my spiritual beliefs on anyone.

    And, I don’t think that Atheists go out of their way to force others to accept their Atheist ideology.

    People should be free to believe (or not believe) anything that they want. They should not be looked down upon when someone (or some people) disagree with their doctrines.

  4. Another good video. First, you know I am coming from someone who does believe in God and in Jesus. Yet I know there is no way to prove that I am right or wrong. I believe, but I certainly understand that is my choice and it is not something to force on others. Second, why do people always start out referring to labels (atheist, gay, muslim, christian etc) rather than to fellow human beings? Third, why is it a lot of us christians feel we have to defend our view and convince others our view is right. Why is it always an us versus them point of view? Of course I believe my belief is right, but it is my belief. Of course I would love to see all people follow the example of Jesus in the sense of loving and caring for people and loving God. I also know not everyone is going to believe this way and rather than fight and argue amongst ourselves, we should be able to follow what we believe is right for ourselves and let each person decide for themselves what they feel is right. There is no way any of us are going to prove our way of thinking either way. We all know we are not going to live together in this world agreeing and living happily ever after, but we should be able to respect, accept and get along with others even in our differences.

  5. Nineteen centuries ago a man we’ve never met and know next to nothing about penned a letter claiming 500 unnamed people firmly believed they’d seen a man who’d come back to life following a brutal execution.

    I mean…c’mon! That’s a pretty solid argument. What further evidence do you require?

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