Sucky Dogs and Crappy Weather

Just a few pictures from yesterday. I hope you enjoy them.

Duke laying with one of his toys.

Dexter showing off his toy.

Dexter being a suck.

It’s tummy rub time.

The last two were taken on Sunday. I was supposed to go to a family Xmas party. We do it every year. It would have been the first time my significant other would have met my extended family, but the weather didn’t cooperate. 

We turned around and went home. 



  1. Frickin’ snow bombs! Boo hiss boo!!!! Good for snow angels and snow men…
    Baaaaaaaaad for driving!

    Duke is so adorable….my Abby has a little crush on him. Daisy and Charlie could care less about any other dogs, of course. They are into beating each other up…it’s been going on for weeks now. But the exercise is making Charlie into a robust little man. His paws are getting huge!

    How is Dex’s tooth? Does he have a fever or anything? I hope he’s not in any pain, poor baby.

    Hugs to the fur babies!

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