What Has Online Atheism Ever Achieved? And New Avatar Poses For YouTube

I ran across a video asking what has YouTube atheism ever achieved. I thought the person asking the question was doing so in a genuine manner so I decided to make a video response. It’s only four and a bit minutes long. I’ll insert it at the bottom of this post.

Marvin also made me some more avatar poses and he says he’s sending me some more. I’m looking forward to seeing the surprised pose.

So here they are.






Let me know what you think about the avatar poses and video. Do you think online atheism in general has achieved anything or do you think it’s a waste of time?



      • I know, I was being silly. But it just struck me as odd, the term “youtube atheism”! It reminds me of “online dating.” Kind of oxy-moronic. 🙂 Atheism occurs in one’s mindset, thinking, beliefs, etc. Dating (if done right occurs in the physical world). I get that they are both just strictly points of reference, but they sound like big fat misnomers to me! Hehe!

        I might be overdosed on puppy oxytocin today, I don’t know, so just ignore me. Nick let me bring Charlie to the office today, so yeah, I’m a bit useless! 😝

  1. The avatars look great. My favorite is #4… a look of sighing disappointment. LOL

    Atheism, as any ideology, religion, or human cognitive coping mechanism, is merely a “tool” at our disposal to cause expanded thinking, processing, and adapting. A basic survival skill out of MANY. Therefore, it like all others — whether popular or not — are at minimum GREAT cerebral exercises; at maximum another very useful lens upon life and this seemingly infinite Cosmos.

    But those are just my personal opinions. 😉

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