Happy New Year – An Injury To Dexter and Is Arguing Online Worth It?

I hope everyone had a great New Year! My holidays are wrapping up and I go back to work tomorrow.

Bleh, bleh, blaaaaah!

No seriously, it’s not that bad. Sure, it will feel strange but I miss my clients and I’m looking forward to seeing them tomorrow.

My New Year was pretty uneventful. We planned on going out but I came down with a bit of a cold so we had to cancel. Instead we had a nice evening at home in front of the fireplace while sipping some wine.

One bad thing happened though…Dexter broke a tooth. My Lady noticed it when scratching his belly and told me that he had a black spot on the tooth beside his canine.

He gets his teeth brushed and at first I thought it must be a piece of food or something, but when I checked it out it turns out she was right.

Yes…she was right. I admit it.

A trip to the vet revealed he had broken his tooth – likely while chewing his antler.

A root canal would be in the vicinity of two to three thousand dollars. To have it removed is a thousand, but February is National dog dental month or something so my vet says he can get me 50% off.

Dexter is scheduled for tooth extraction in mid-February.

Dexter and Duke about to destroy a fort

Not that great in that department. Since Dexter is allergic to most foods, I had no alternative but to get him a Nylabone to chew.

If you have a strong chewer of a dog, perhaps stay away from the antler. I wouldn’t want to see them break their tooth.

I just finished a video about whether arguing online is worth it. I hope you’ll give it a watch and let me know how your New Years went.





  1. GC,

    Just this past weekend and yesterday (and other times in the past) I’ve had this dilemma on two or three other blogs I follow. I too do it mainly for myself, but also any who are open and willing to connect with me.

    I am in agreement with all your fine points about the power, reach, and influence of the World-Wide-Web. Free information — or free for the most part — whether ludicrous, unknown, plausible, compelling, or downright spot-on… runs congruent with Freedom of Speech! Whether the content is beneficial, an evil scam, or something in between is… well, up to the “browser’s” capacity for critical-thinking skills, i.e. not judging immediately a book by its cover, right? But as you aptly pointed out, it is the dialoguing, the dissimination of information (whatever its value) that CAN contribute to or deteriorate one’s mental, emotional, physical(?), and spiritual(?) condition! It is each of our’s own choice what to read, listen to, internalize, or externalize for any eyes, ears, and hearts to engage with.

    Excellent YT-video Sir! 🙂

  2. It’s insane what they charge for a tooth extraction for dogs. Shop around it’s worth it – I know we have three dogs and I do shop around. He is a young dog, there is no blood work needed (that’s needed when they are over seven).

    New Years was good, we went to sleep early 🙂

    • Yeah. He said it’s the medication to put him out that costs the money. With humans they just freeze and pull. So crazy but it will have to get done.

      My vet is a good one I think. When Dex was a puppy the first vet told me for months that his allergies were liver failure. Finally I went to my new vet and he told me the truth and helped me correct the problem. He’s always offered me several choices and tries to save me money. But I’ll look around.

      Nothing wrong with sleeping early!

      • When my mini schnauzer had an accident a couple of years ago and injured her spine (she couldn’t stand or walk at all), they wanted to do an MRI to determine exactly what had happened. Cost? $5,000 to $10,000. And yes, it was primarily because they have to put the dog out — and as you said, therein lies the expense. I opted out and trusted the neurologist’s word of what she thought had happened and what I could do to “make it better.” My little mutt is able to walk today, but she’s crippled. Nonetheless, she gets around pretty darn good. Just not on any slick surfaces. Fortunately, we have carpeting in our house. 🙂

  3. I’m glad I read this post. I was thinking of getting Puppy Cody an antler because she’s such a heavy chewer. She’s had stuffed bones and hooves and never broke a tooth, but I don’t care to take chances. I guess she’ll just have to be content with her Kong toys.

  4. Godless, I really love your videos!

    They are so well produced and you are an excellent public speaker.

    And I must confess that I love arguing about the issues online because I don’t dare argue politics or religion with people in the real world.

    That would be rude, don’t you know.

    • Thanks bro. Public speaking is not my thing. In school I dreaded doing the presentations, but practice certainly helps. I can’t even record videos when my significant other is home. lol

      I’m glad you like them though. I put a lot of effort into making them.

      “And I must confess that I love arguing about the issues online because I don’t dare argue politics or religion with people in the real world.”

      I do it in real life if the opportunity arises as well. haha. But I totally get where you’re coming from.

  5. The Gander and I listened to this fantastic podcast about how argumentation that appeals to an individuals moral values is much more effective. They talked about significant differences between conservative and liberal moral values. Basically how staying inside your own moral-value-bubble would render your argument much less meaningful to someone on the opposite side of the cons./lib. divide. But shaping your argument to the values of someone else is more frequently convincing, even on heavy topics such as global warming.

    I intend to get better at this in my own writing. Because I definitely have the desire to be convincing and I’ve certainly had the experience of feeling like my well articulated arguments are not having the mind-altering impact I would like them to have – LOL.

    People love to engage in debate. It is very natural. And has a strong benefit to society to improve our understanding of topics and eventually change public policy. It would be terrible to do away with that.

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