I’m Not Interested In Your Groupthink

I just published a new video addressing a comment I received as well as the larger issue of group-think. I hope you’ll give it a watch, and if you do and enjoy it, I hope you’ll consider giving it a thumbs up on YouTube.




  1. [ Smiles ] Huh? America is a Christian nation?

    I thought that America was for people of all religions and those who could not care less about religions.

    America is for the spiritual people as well as the atheists (Hence the term “Equality”).

    So much for the land of the free and the brave.

  2. I recall a former Australian politician, Nick Greiner, commented on his retirement that the media tried to paint people and issues in black or white terms, either good or bad. He said this was most unhelpful as most of us are capable of doing good and things and not so good things. Very few issues are black and white.

    You raise very good points in your video, but unfortunately you are battling against human nature. Now my theory is that a lot of it has to do with laziness, so many of us tend to stereotype and make broad generalisations because it is so much easier than getting to grips with the complexity of issues.

    So I wish you well in your endeavours, but bear in mind that many of us prefer to have our prejudices reinforced rather than challenged. Indeed I heard a stat a while back that suggested if we came across information that aligned with our prejudices we were 6 times more likely to accept it than neutral information, and if we come across information that challenges our prejudice we are 6 times less likely to accept it than information that is neutral.

    I used to wonder why I could see the same information as another person and reach a quite different conclusion, but over time I came to see that our presuppositions are more important than the actual evidence in determining the conclusion we will reach.

  3. I had a look at the MTV video. I suppose I should not be surprised. But I do find the blatant hypocrisy involved irritates me.

    How ironic that those fighting against racism and sexism see nothing wrong with making fun of a particular demographic based on their sex and race.

    But I should not be surprised as this is the company that employed Franchesca Ramsey.

    Still it staggers me that those who have a blatant agenda to push are so ignorant of human psychology that they fail to realise that such videos achieve the opposite of what they seek. But then again given that MTV in ratings crisis, perhaps they figure that any publicity is good publicity and that they really don’t have many subscribers to lose in the first place.

    Back in my day MTV was famous for music videos, seems to me they are now struggling for an identity. Well I would not be surprised if they folded entirely given their parent company just replaced the CEO.

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