Do Women Hate Women?

In a recent interview, Madonna said that women hate women:

When asked why she thought so many women – according to CNN 53% of white women voted for Trump – Madonna replied:

Women hate women. That’s what I think it is. Women’s nature is not to support other women. It’s really sad. Men protect each other, and women protect their men and children. Women turn inward and men are more external. A lot of it has do with jealousy and some sort of tribal inability to accept that one of their kind could lead a nation. Other people just didn’t bother to vote because they didn’t like either candidate, or they didn’t think Trump had a chance in the world. They took their hands off the wheel and then the car crashed.

Alright, so I’m going to give you my thoughts on this quote and hit me with yours in the comment section.

First off, I think it’s ridiculous to expect people to vote based on genitalia. When I vote, I don’t care whether the politician is male or female. I don’t vote for other males because I want to support my male brothers…whatever that means.

I vote based on policy and who I think will best represent my interests.

I think her entire point is garbage. What is a tribal inability? Why do you think men protect each other and women only care about their men and children? Why does Madonna think so little of women in general?

It reminds me of this epic meltdown by Anna Kasparian of The Young Turks during the election.

These people refuse to consider that women might have voted Trump for other reasons. Instead of blaming the Democratic Party who nominated someone people dislike just as much or more so than Trump, they just want to blame women, white people, Christian’s or whatever demographic they can think of.

Whether you agree with Hillary or not; whether you believe that Hillary would have made a better President or not; this election wasn’t about women hating women. It was about women not liking one woman in particular and about Americans as a group not liking what she was selling.

So do you agree with Madonna? Do women hate women?

As always, thanks for reading.




  1. I’m not too sure whether I agree with Madonna, but during the campaign I heard many celebrities say that this election was a voice for “women” as if all women are of one mind.

    The media love to categorize people to sell a story, and I never quite understand why the media turn to celebrities for political commentary anyways.

  2. I think she’s partially right. I have an old friend who told me she voted for T. But I know why, because she and her husband are in the oil business. What I can’t understand is the huge minority vote for T. I think not just women are adhamed of T and what he’s said. I saw a video this morning of Obama addressing the military. I will miss him.

  3. Madonna is still alive? Hm. Did not know that.

    I get why people would give gender some consideration as they approached this past election. After all, we did the same thing with race 8 years ago.

    2008 – “Hey, we have an an African American presidential candidate this year.”

    2016 – “Hey, we have a female presidential candidate this year.”

    Both are firsts for us, so some attention to those characteristics was only natural.

    However, the claim that Hillary did not win because “women hate women”? Um, how does that follow, again? *confused*

    This may come as a shock to Madonna, but emotions (even jealousy, hahaha!) never even entered MY voting process. I looked at the facts (not the body parts!) and made mah choice.

    Uh, duh! I thought everyone did it that way, heh!

    • “This may come as a shock to Madonna, but emotions (even jealousy, hahaha!) never even entered MY voting process. I looked at the facts (not the body parts!) and made mah choice.”

      Yes, I don’t get why someone would vote any other way. I don’t care what genitalia you were born with. I care about your ideas, your platform and your ability to represent my views.

  4. I think she’s almost right, in a way. Women do not trust other women, for reasons I really don’t want to get into here, but it’s not hate. It’s a trust issue.

    I suspect many women (who should have known better) voted for Trump because Hillary WAS a woman, and they didnt want to be seen as knee-jerk feemales voting for a ‘sister’ just because. I voted for her anyway, because the alternative was too scary to even think about.

    And a lot of women were taken in by that big powerful attitude thing, like groupies at a Rolling Stones concert. And since we are talking win and lose, here, I don’t credit Trump’s win at all to how people in the general population voted, Hillary clearly won the popular vote, by a very wide margin. She just picked up the wrong states to do it in.

    • “I suspect many women (who should have known better) voted for Trump because Hillary WAS a woman, and they didnt want to be seen as knee-jerk feemales voting for a ‘sister’ just because. ”

      Very interesting Judy.

      Okay, I’m going to place my devil’s advocate hat on. Do you think if Elizabeth Warren or someone like Michelle Obama had run, that Trump would be President-Elect?

      Personally, in my opinion, I think America would have its first female President in that case, because I think either one would have wiped the floor with Trump.

      • Hillary was the only choice, this time. Often it’s one woman against a slate of men. I think if any woman had run, Trump would have found a way to discredit them, subtly and otherwise.
        And he is, to be fair, a frighteningly ignorant but powerful speaker. He spent a year saying utterly nothing and making everyone roar with approval.

        I honestly don’t know, if a different woman would have even done as well as Hillary. She’s smart, she’s tough, and she handled the Donald very well.

        There was some dirty political crap near the end, and it turned out to be total fabrication, (and we can all hum the tune to that one) but it did hurt her. If you want to believe ill of someone, you will.

        She’s not lily white, no, nor is Trump. Notice how well he dodged anything that needed to be dodged.

      • I don’t think Elizabeth Warren or Michelle Obama would have made a differnce.

        Do you have any idea the conspiracy theories about Michelle Obama really being born as Michael? That she didn’t give birth to Sasha and Malia? The number of people(women especially ) who think she’s a disgrace because she likes Beyonce ‘ s music?

        • Sorry. I wasn’t done.

          Elizabeth Warren would have possibly beaten Hillary in the primary, but she would have lost because she would have been labeled crazy (Trump was marginalizing her in that way already during the campaign). She would have been called a bleeding heart socialist because she’s as progressive if not more so than Bernie Sanders.

          While I don’t think that the MAIN reason we have Donald Trump as president-elect is mysogyny, racism, or xenophobia I think that it did play a part.

    • I agree with a lot of what you say here. The women (there are only 2 others in the office where I work) I work with seem to be busy stabbing at each other.

      I’m not a typical woman in that regard. I don’t join in the gossip. Because of that I’m also not bffs with them. In fact, I only have one or two really close female friendships.

      Women do seem typically to distrust other women. I don’t really trust the other two women I work with. I’ve heard them throwing each other under the bus so I have no doubt they would throw me under there given the chance. Me? I just mind my business and do my work.

  5. [ Smiles ] Hmm. Another controversial topic.

    Although I am a fan of Madonna, I am in total disagreement with her statement.

    Everyone knows that there are women who are very supportive of each other and there are women that tend to pull other women down.

    Where politics is concerned, people usually vote for the person’s policies that they are in agreement with; they do not vote based on sex.

  6. Thanks a lot Madonna, way to promote the idea that women are petty and make bad decisions because of our gender. For the record, I don’t think she said something stupid because she is a woman. I think she said something stupid because she didn’t know all the facts and didn’t think it out very well, which could happen to anyone.

    Most people who take the time to vote, vote based on policy. The differences between Clinton and Trump on policy were pretty stark. So it stands to reason that many women would vote for Trump. It might have been a stupid choice, but it’s not because they are women, it’s because they didn’t know all the facts and they didn’t think it out very well.

    • “Thanks a lot Madonna, way to promote the idea that women are petty and make bad decisions because of our gender.”

      It’s ironic to me, because Anna (in the video) is always talking about how feminist she is on TYT and Madonna has done the same thing, but as soon as women don’t group think the way they want, they seem to drop the charade and call women stupid, petty and vindictive.

  7. Madonna’s own son hates her guts.

    And say, does anyone know who the father is?

    Obviously he couldn’t stand her either.

    Maybe she should fix her own hate problem before she blames it on all women not acting like she thinks they should.

  8. This was interesting. I have a mixed view about it. I don’t think that the primary reason for Hillary not winning was that ‘women dislike women’. However, it does play a role in making winning harder for her. Trump and Hillary as Presidential candidates was a lose-lose for America. No one likes either of them that much. If Hillary’s ideas and plans would have been brilliant, the ‘women hate women’ fact wouldn’t have mattered. However, she wasn’t a very strong or popularly loved candidate to begin with. If it would have been someone like Michelle Obama as a Presidential candidate, the ‘women hate women’ idea wouldn’t have sustained because she is liked by almost everyone for the person she is which has got nothing to do with her gender. So the ‘women hate women’ fact plays a role when you are not too likeable in the first place. It just acts as an additive, it’s not a primary reason. However, it stands true in many cases. It is usually noticed even for feminist agendas in general, that those agendas tend to get a backlash from a huge number of females.

  9. Who knows each persons reason for voting, but I’m not chucking the baby out with the bathwater either by saying that there is no truth in what she has said. In my experience women can be hideous to other women despite the pretense of ‘girl power,’ whereas anecdotally I have witnessed enviable support amongst men even when they know their male buddy is in the wrong.

  10. I will comment solely on the quote, “women hate women”. and nohing political since im not good with politics anyway.

    though i believe that most women have a lot of insecurities within and outside of themselves, i do not think it is right to generalize. i love women. i love it when they dream and strive for it. i love female friends to be successful in their endeavours. however, there are those times that i feel threatened by other women, yes… but yiu can always decide to eradicate that feeling and change ur way of thinking. i choose to love women and would always choose to stand by their side. I would never want to cause distress on another double x chromosome.

    thanks for the very thought provoking post.

  11. No. Hate is not the emotion. Stress is the emotion. Sociologically/anthropoligically, I believe it’s been shown that in a subculture (women), humans being the dominant culture, same species turn on one another or compete, especially for a man they both want, food, or power if it’s in short supply or too hard to get. Madonna is picking up on primal behavior which she is very in tune with (compliment) as an artist and dancer. Men are still dominant on the planet and that is a huge stressor for women. So sometimes we turn on one another. It’s a jungle out there.

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