What Makes You Smile?

Woke up this morning to a light kiss on my forehead and it made me smile. After some more sleeping, snoring, stretching and coffee-ing (it’s a word damn it!) I started to think about things that make me smile. I hope you’ll share yours in the comment section. Here are a few of mine.

My job

No seriously. I laugh a lot at my job. Here’s an example.

Just the other day a client of mine was with another worker. We have been working together for three years and we love to goof on each other.

Anyhow, he discovered the voice text on the other workers phone, which reads back the text once you’ve completed your message. I was with another client at the time halfway across the city, and I receive a text from him.

“You’re a crazy dude”, it read. I immediately began to laugh out loud.

I’ve definitely had a lot of laughs at my job and I still can’t believe how lucky I am.

Dexter…and Duke

Dexter makes me smile every day. I love him to pieces, which is likely no surprise to those who have read this blog before. No matter how depressing the world seems to have become, Dexter is always there with a lick and a cuddle.

While Sir Duke the Chihuahua and I have our differences over the whole barking thing, he’s also a lovable little man. One of the things that makes me smile is when we play ‘fight club’. He likes to play wrestle – usually somewhere on his mommy’s mid-section – and he bounces around and tries to wrestle one of my fingers into non-existence. It’s funny to watch.

I think Dexter might be in fight club mode.

Playing video games

Wow. Now that I think about it I haven’t played a video game in at least a month.

However, when I do play it makes me smile. It’s just good fun to be transported somewhere else for a little while. I also find this with reading. I’ve always loved to read and am currently reading ‘Brave New World’. It’s good so far. A little scary as well.

Now I’m rambling. Ummmmm….

Well, there’s three things that make me smile. What makes you smile on the regular?




  1. Nice post, GC. Always good to know someone appreciates not only the smiles, but why.

    Some days I look out the door and the trees are in autumn flames, and it’s so freaking perfect out there, how could I not smile

    The cats. Every cat I’ve ever had has been worth a smile, some silly, some sweet.

    Watching my husband tackle a new project. He’s so good at whatever he does, and Im always in awe of how many skills he’s mastered, from skiing to welding to stone work to carpentry, on and on. The day I went out to see what he was doing and watched him placing cinder blocks in a nice large square. What, I said. ‘I decided I need a shed. ” And he built one.

    Taking a series of photos, and finding the one that nailed it. When one makes me smile, I know it’s right.

  2. Even in my on-the-porch-in-my-playpen pictures, there is a cat, usually a huge ginger cat, working his way down into the playpen, and mother’s dog, wooflling around. I suspect, when I die, there will be cats at the funeral. Heck,I’d insist on it.

    The only time I ever got attacked by a cat, my mother had little sympathy for me, since I had slammed the door and the cat’s tail was in it. Naturally the cat was upset. And it was clear who’s fault it was.

    And, yeah, after 48 years of marriage, I think I’ll hang onto him a bit longer. He comes in handy most of the time. Even if he did vote for the Donald. (ow ow ow)

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