Twitter Trump vs. Hamilton: WTF Just Happened?

Okay, so there was a news story on the weekend that was quite interesting. Basically, the American Vice President-Elect went to see the play, Hamilton, and once the show had concluded, the cast delivered a message to him.

You can watch the full speech at the end of this post. Here’s what the cast had to say:

“There’s nothing to boo here, we’re all here sharing a story of love,” Dixon said. “We have a message for you, sir.”

“Vice President-elect Pence, welcome. Thank you for joining us at Hamilton – An American Musical. We, sir, are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. But we hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values, and work on behalf of ALL of us,” Dixon said.

That’s the gist of what they said.

Afterwards, Trump had this to say on Twitter.


Here’s what I think of the whole thing.

First off, I think the cast of Hamilton was within their rights to do what they did. I’m assuming that the people they work for were on board with this speech or else they’d be risking their jobs. I also don’t think what they said was particularly controversial.

However, I do think Dixon and the cast of Hamilton were on full virtue signal mode. He states right at the beginning that people should take out their phones and record his speech, because it’s something that needs to be spread far and wide.

They could have delivered the same message without the public audience, but they chose to virtue signal (and likely gain more publicity for their show) instead of doing so.

I also think it a bit hypocritical in the face of this:


Do they mean the American values enshrined in law that say you can’t discriminate based on race and age?

Asked about the casting call, the city Human Rights Commission reiterated that discrimination based on age, race, gender, disability and “other protected categories in employment advertisements” is prohibited.

Discrimination based on race….check.

Discrimination based on age….check.

Let’s move on to what Pence said about his experience:

Pence sought to address Dixon’s concerns. “They are going to see President-elect Trump be a president for all of the people and we embrace that principle,” Pence said.

And he followed it up with:

Pence noted that there were some boos and cheers when he arrived at the theater. He recalled telling his kids of the response: “That’s what freedom sounds like.”

Seems like a measured response. I particularly like him saying the boos were freedom of speech in action.

Trump on the other hand, I don’t agree with at all. While I can sort of understand if Pence were to be upset about being publicly shamed, I have no idea what the f*ck Trump is talking about.

A safe space? Really?

I thought this guy was supposed to champion ‘freedom of speech’, but here he is going full SJW and calling for safe spaces in theaters.

There are no safe spaces. They don’t deliver play dough and coloring books to you in a theater. You’re both (soon to be) the most powerful people on the planet. Everything you do will be scrutinized, criticized and talked about. You better get used to it. Is he going to take to Twitter every time someone says something he doesn’t like?

Grow the hell up, man. You’re the President-Elect. Don’t you have better things to be doing than trying to protect your V.P’s feels?

You know, like learning to run a country?

If I were to go to a theater and had this speech delivered to me afterwards, I’m fairly positive I wouldn’t be happy about it. I can understand why someone would think it was rude, and maybe it was. However, that’s what free speech is all about. Free speech doesn’t need to be protected when it’s easy. It needs to be protected when it’s hard; when someone says something upsetting or something you don’t agree with.

The whole story is just rather annoying, which is why I didn’t write about it earlier. You have some virtue signalling, hypocritical people on one side and a cry-baby who takes to Twitter to demand apologies and safe-spaces on the other.

Both sides look ridiculous, but that pretty much sums up this whole circus of an election doesn’t it?

Breath in, breath out…deep breath.

Let me know what you think in the comment section!




  1. Drumpf thinks that was rude? In comparison to, oh lets see, the way the Republicans have treated Obama every day for the last eight years? Hounding a U.S. Citizen about his birth certificate? Or how about all the witch-hunt investigations they’ve harassed Hillary with over the years.

    I think we’re just getting started on rude, and he hasn’t seen anything yet. There’s a hell of a lot more rudeness coming his way. If he can’t stomach that, he’s in the wrong job! (Of course, we already knew that.)

  2. their play, their right to comment afterwards. I think Pence handled the whole thing the way he should have, and yeah, I like that comment about ‘thats what freedom sounds like.” and then Trump shows up blowing his oogah horn and spoils the entire exchange.
    The only ‘safe place’ in a theater in either the lobby or the rest room. Or outside. Grow up, already.

  3. I do believe the extreme left needs to give Pres-elect Trump the benefit of the doubt here, and give him a chance to make mistakes before being ridiculed…

    I do think Trump needs thicker skin, or the Lord Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit to help him give grace…not retaliate with anger…

    Pence responded as I would like to believe I would… It’s called grace…and we as Christians are to respond to all negativity with grace…

    Interestingly enough, I just posted a blog on this, this morning !!


  4. I think Trump did it because he’s a good manipulator of media, and tweeting about this pivoted the MSM off his $25 million Trump U settlement, a negative story for him no matter how you spin it.

    Then Pence went on “Face the Nation” Sunday AM, recommended the show, and killed THIS story.

  5. Great post! Again, he will have access to the nuclear codes, he does not have the temperament for the office. He’s already mixing his business in with the office of the president. Can you imagine if Obama would have done that? Having his kids in on meetings with heads of state? Why isn’t anyone stopping this? It truly makes me ill.

  6. I commented on a different blog post about this. I’m trying to stay clear of doing much T and frankly don’t read much. But Hamilton is a wonderful production and proud of it. T was acting (not a surprise) like a three year old. Mr.Pence’s comment to his children was a good one IMO, and appropriate. T’s was not. Nothing resembling harassment in the speech, IMO.

  7. I am very proud of the actor who spoke up. I fear Pence as much as I fear Trump, maybe even more because I am a woman.

    Was it rude. Well, I suppose the truth is not always pretty isn’t it. As for Trump and his Twitter obsession. He tweets meaningless stuff to cover his incompentence up. It’s a circus!

  8. I appreciate you considered and balanced views on this matter.

    What is distressing me at present is that there seems to be so much noise on the extremes that it is hard to hear people espouse considered middle of the road ideas these days.

    I find that on most topics there are sound arguments on both sides of the debate but despair that people on both sides of the debate rarely seem to acknowledge that the other side has any valid points at all.

    • Thanks. Not being American likely helps because I have no horse in the race. I try hard not to be partisan. I like to follow both Liberal and Conservative news outlets and I find the truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

      I agree with you that people seem entrenched in their views. I think that’s dangerous.

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