Super Cuteness Stress Relief

Feeling down because of the election? Your friendly neighborhood Godless Cranium is here to help.

Come partake in some cuteness.

If this doesn’t make you smile, you might not be human.

Just sayin’.



    • Nah. Probably not. I mean, dogs have a super sense of smell. You’d think he’d recognize his owners smell through the costume. I think it more likely the dog didn’t know what was going on and got excited by something he’d never seen before.

      I think if I did that my dog would react much the same way.

      Still cute as hell though. LOL

  1. Dogs probably think we are totally insane.

    I mean we talk to these little blocks that we hold next to our ear as if the world depended on it.

    We sit rap for hours in front of a large fuzzy light bulb while we do weird things with our hands and fingers on a black thing.

    And every now an then we come in dressed like morons but at least that makes doggie happy since it seems to make us happy.

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