Why Islamophobia Is Inaccurate

I really enjoyed this. I recently had a back and forth with another blogger about why I thought Islamophobia wasn’t a helpful term because it’s not only inaccurate but damaging to conversations about Islam.

The word doesn’t make sense, and neither does the definition. This video makes the exact same point I tried to make during that conversation.

So I hope you’ll give it a watch and leave your comments below. Cheers!




  1. Absolutely ridiculous. The maker of the video gives his arbitrary definition of what Affleck does, then criticizes the definition he created- which is at the very least biased.

    It’s very quaint that you or Tildeb feel you can apply special standards to a *foreign* group- but the evidence simply doesn’t stack up. No one yet has been able to prove that there’s more violence in the Koran than in the bible. That there’s more historical violence in Islam than in Christianity- or even that there’s more sexism in one religion version another. Whenever those religions are given political power, they go for broke and impose every ugly corner of their traditions on all of society. That’s why Napoleon I forced the Concordat of 1801 and why later the 1905 law of French religious freedom was enacted. It’s why various parts of Europe are still today fighting for independence from Christianity. Malta only legalized divorce in 2011. That’s just 5 years ago and it’s because of the Catholic church. Saying Islam (alone) is the motherlode of bad ideas is intellectually dishonest. Pure and simple. All it does is give cover to other perpetrators of bad reasoning and abuse. Abrahamic religions are the motherlode of bad ideas.

  2. Let’s try one more time.
    the French Government (meaning THE GOVERNMENT OF FRANCE)
    which does not have the right to ask direct questions about religion
    and uses a criterion of people’s geographic origin as a basis for calculation (THAT MEANS THEY CALCULATE THE NUMBER OF ****MUSLIMS**** BASED ON SOCIO-CULTURAL/GEOGRAPHIC ORIGIN)
    The government counted all those people in France who migrated from countries with a dominant Muslim population (MIDDLE EASTERN OR NORTH AFRICAN)
    See how simple a concept that is? The measure IS NOT religiosity.

  3. Ok brothers….peace. You both have a point. It is similar as being a resident of a country like Australia. The definition of resident in imigration terms is completely different when applied with from the tax department or the word faith as used by a Christian as against what it means to an atheist.

    • Thanks for stopping in bro!

      a) Even if that were true when it comes to the term Muslim, he has purposely misrepresented what it means in the video

      b) That isn’t true when it comes to the word Muslim. It means follower of Islam. It has nothing to do with the region you live in. You can be a Muslim living in Canada or Saudi Arabia. To say otherwise is blatantly rudiculous.

      c) This isn’t even controversial. Thete is no need to molly coddle Pink or anyone else that tries to spread false information or twist facts to suit their narrative. The definition of the word is in every dictionary and it’s there for everyone to see.

      I know you have good intentions mate. I really do, but the way I see it is that people like Pink have had people capitulate to them their entire lives because it’s easier than arguing with them.

      I’m not wired that way. 😊

  4. How ever you want to call it and use the term, the fact is, it is US invading muslim countries and not wice versa. Whille supposedly fighting ‘a war on terror’, the US is actually allied with terrorists (Saudi Arabia, muslim rebels in Libya and Syria). The US is pushing it’s domination in the world, and my advice to anyone from the US is, stop caring what are muslims like. Just leave them alone.

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