Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all those who read this blog and/or those who are stopping by for the first time.

Thought I’d share some more pictures of our Halloween adventures. 

My lady and I went out Saturday night with a couple of friends. We went to a haunted corn maze and an evil stroll. 

Basically, the corn maze was…well…a maze with jump scares. 

The stroll was more of a performance. It reminded me of Scrooge because it was about a dead man being shown why he deserved punishment. As you can probably guess, he was a cruel and greedy man. At the end he was carried off by a pair of demons.

I’d share shots of our friends but I forgot to ask their permission so I’ll just share the pictures without them in the shots.

Here I have the eye patch but it was annoying to wear so I took it off. The strap kept moving down my face and I found it a tad uncomfortable only using one eye.

I love this picture. 

This morning I dressed up for our company Halloween party. My lady put some makeup on me.

It was terribly frustrating for her. I kept pulling away from the eyeliner pencil and flinching uncontrollably. She also put some glittery black stuff on my lids. 

So that’s it for now. I hope you all have a delightful Halloween!



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