Vaginas and Pirates

I wanted to share a few pictures with you. 

Tonight was the first night I donned my new crime-fighting-pirate costume. 

Okay…I wasn’t really fighting crime. I was wearing it for a clients Halloween party. 

My partner in crime and I are planning on going out Saturday night to hit up some haunted houses and other spooky sites around town.

So here’s a selfie of me looking (or trying to look) all swashbuckler and stuff.

Random picture of our loveable Chihuahua, Duke.

Last but not least, here is a picture of a button my lady took while she was at some feminist event.

I just thought the pin was pretty cool. I love the crown and the way it could be interpreted in multiple ways.

So that’s it. Hope you enjoyed the shots!



  1. Wicked pirate costume but you are to clean looking and need an unmanicured beard to look aggressive. However, that button seems to appear as Som said as a longhorn with what look like fists on the end of the horns and all coloured in pink so I assume must be female fists. I notice it is encased in an enclosure in a diamond shape that are of course a girl’s best friend. The crown is to one side that must mean the kings crown is slipping off as this pair of horns with fists looks to break out, but maybe real diamonds will help pacify them. Amazing what you can see in something even if the rest of the world may not agree.

    • LOL. Love that video!

      Honestly, it wasn’t meant as click bait. Usually when I write a post, I put a placeholder title in so I can find it in drafts easier. So if I was writing about pantheism, for example, I might just title it ‘pantheism’. Then change the title once I’m ready to publish it.

      This time I just put in Vagina Pirate because that was the two pictures I wanted to show. Then when I published it, I just added ‘and’ in the middle as well as two ‘s’ because I thought it worked and accurately portrayed the two things prominently displayed in the post. 🙂

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