The Midnight Village Halloween Trail

Last night my lady and I decorated our house with Halloween gear, before heading out to a haunted trail event.

I had a lot of fun. We need more decorations, but it’s our first Halloween together so I figure we’ll gain more ‘stuff’ as the years go by. What we have now is good enough. The main thing was doing it together and having fun with it.

Afterwards, we went to the Mongolian Grill for some wraps. I realized that it wasn’t nearly as good as I remembered it. I think the biggest difference is that my wraps didn’t contain meat, since I’m now a vegetarian.

It just wasn’t the same – still good but it just felt like something was missing.

We then went and grabbed a hot chocolate and headed out to the Midnight Village. We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the actual event so the best we could do was take a picture before we headed inside.



The Midnight Village takes place in a pioneer village. You start out in a group and you have a ‘spirit guide’. You make your way around the village and stop at different outdoor settings where actors in costume tell you a creepy story.

It’s fun and it changes every year.

Our favorite was a sort of doll-like character with one dead eye. She recounts a story about how she was left behind and how her owner murdered her husband for being late to a dancing ball.

The actor was amazing. Very creepy.

It was a great evening and I truly enjoyed myself.



  1. The Halloween Tradition is very low key over here. So low key it often doesn’t even feature on the scale.
    Even when I lived in the UK there was little fuss that I can remember?
    I have never encountered any Trick or Treat thing.
    With all the high walls and barred dri.veways it would be a damn miracle if small kids ever got a single stick of candy or sweets!
    And that’s assuming their parents even allowed them to patrol up and down the street

    It seems very much a US and/or Canadian thing.
    I’ve never really understood it.


    But as long as you have fun, that’s the main thing, right?

    • Ark, I think the fun went out of trick or treating when kids suddenly had to be chaperoned to proscribed T 0rT houses, and usually mom drove. I mean come ON. And she’d wait until you and your best friend got their little careful bags of careful candy and she’d inspect every piece to death and drive you to the next house.

      Cynical? Nahh. We have the perfect place for a haunted woods, but I suggested it one year to the parents here and they all went white with horror. Nev-er Mind.

      I think it may have originally started with the english ragamuffins , using that one day a year to scare a few pennies or food out of the richer people. 100 years later, it had become our own brand of Halloween, soapy windows and tipped over privies and all.

    • I like it because you can have fun and pretend to be something else for a night. I don’t feel pressured to take part if I don’t want to. I can make my own costume, buy one or don’t get one at all. I don’t have to please anyone else. It’s just a day for fun.

      I’m not big into the other holidays though. Christmas is ever stressful, for example.

  2. I’m loving this burgeoning love story. She’s beautiful (and lucky! sort of jelly of that sweet smooch she planted, haha!). Wishing you guys the best.

    Love your Halloween outing. I’m doing Ouija:Origins of Evil this Friday, then Freakling Bros. Victim Experience, haha. We’re doing the whole trilogy, but the VE is the one I’m most terrified of.

    I love having the bejesus scared out of me, so it will be AMAZEBALLS!!!!!

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