Quiz: Are You a Feminist or a Meninist?

Found this little quiz online and thought it would be fun to do it right here. Let’s get started!

When a guy sees a woman on the street and says, “Nice ass,” she should smile and thank him, right?


Argh! I would choose none of those. Where is the option for something like, “She’s not obligated to do or say anything. She could tell him to fuck off or just keep walking.”

And yeah, I think the guy is likely a moron. Do guys really think this tactic works? By doing this, you’re basically throwing up red flags all over the place telling her to run in the other direction.

Have you ever asked a couple how they met and gotten a response like, “Well, I was walking down the street and my darling here said nice ass. I just knew he was the one and the rest is history.”


Because it’s very, very, very, very unlikely to happen.

Damn it. I’m going to have to go for option one because it’s the closest to what I think.


I’d go with option one. I’m responsible for my own birth control, and if there was a safe male birth control pill (and I still needed to take such precautions) I’d definitely take it. This one seems like a no-brainer to me.


I’d take that offer. Not because I think if I pay she owes me something, but because I respect her as a person and if she wants to pay for half, I’m good with that.

I’ve been on dates where I’ve split the bill with the other person, and others where I would pay for dinner and she might pay for a movie or something, and others where I paid for the entire thing.

If I paid for the entire thing, that was my own choice and in no way did she owe me something.


How would the woman you’re opening the door for know that you do it for both sexes?

Anyhow, I’ve been yelled at by a woman for opening the door for her. I was a courier and I had an armful of boxes and as I made my way into a shopping mall, I kept the door open with my foot. The woman walking in gave me crap for being sexist.

But I still open doors for women and men. I mean, you’re just an ass if you drop doors in people’s faces.

I’m going with option one.



I have to go with option one because I simply think a couple who is getting married should be able to talk this over and figure it out for themselves. If I was getting married and my wife-to-be was super against taking my last name, I’d be fine with that. I love her for being her, and I’m not going to let a petty problem like this stand in the way of our life together.

On the flip side, this freaking poll makes it sound as if no woman in their right mind would want to take their husbands last name.

Some do for crying out loud! That doesn’t mean the man owns her.

I’d have no problem taking my wife’s last name either if I liked how it sounded.

Again…have to choose option one even with all the nonsense garble at the end of the sentence.


I…don’t…even…understand this…question.

I wouldn’t take any pill because someone handed it to me. What a bizarre question. I guess I’m going with option two since it at least makes some attempt to figure out what the pills are.


Drum roll please.



My girlfriend will be pleased to hear this.

Take the poll yourself and let me know what your results were.



  1. I can’t believe the choices you’re given. None of them would be my thoughts. Except the door, I’ve had them slammed, and opened both. I hold the door for others. What has a person’s sex got to do with it? Common courtesy.

    • Yes. They are very black and white sorts of questions without any nuance. But an interesting quiz nevertheless. I found another one that’s called ‘How Much Of A Feminist Are You?’ It consists of 50 questions. I might do that one on this blog, although I worry about the length the post might end up being. lol

      I’m with you on the door one. It’s just good manners in my opinion.

  2. Couple of comments.
    1) birth control pills for men would be great, except, it’s true, I wouldn’t risk trusting a man – they aren’t the ones who end up pregnant. A more challenging question would have been around getting a vasectomy.
    2) I disagree about the last name garble. It is an outdated ritual. And sadly most women don’t even think about whether or not to keep their own name, they change because that’s what people do. Yes it’s still a patriarchal symbol hanging onto papa’s name, but it’s about not buying into the change of ownership. Same as the engagement ring, the wedding ring, the white frock etc etc.

    Maybe I’ll devise a quiz 😈

  3. “Are You A Feminist Or A Meninist?
    You can only be one.”

    Really? What about misanthropes?


    A (satirical) belief showing the hypocrisy of first world feminism by flipping the sexes and complaining about men’s rights in a similar way to what first world feminists do.

    (feminists then proved their point by getting upset about it)

    They say I’m an idiot for being a meninist, but really, they’re an idiot for not understanding satire

    Buzzfeed ‘quizzes’ and ‘articles’ using this word openly telegraph said lack of understanding.

      • I’m leaving this comment here, because I’m worried (now that I’ve hit reply) it will get lost in the Coalition and you’ll miss it.

        1. I don’t understand you. Your blog, for the most part, speaks of intelligence and you discuss topics that are, for the most part, respectful. (For the most part is not a dig. I haven’t looked too much at your blog, so I’m trying to be vague. For all I know, I’ve seen a couple of posts I like, and the rest are Nazi-hating-white-supremacist-bullshit. That was satire. I doubt that’s the case. I just hope you know that I mean.) I don’t get how you can write all this, and raise so many excellent points … and be stuck on the word ‘Islamophobia’.

        2. You’re obviously intelligent. So why are you arguing over the word? I mean, we agree on all aspects, except for a word that was created by someone who is not me. I don’t understand. You seem so intelligent … but then there’s this word issue you have. I don’t understand the contradiction.

        • Well thanks. I appreciate that far more than being called a fool etc.

          I don’t agree with the word. I think it’s used to silence dissent, and I think it’s inaccurate.

          I’m honestly not really arguing. Just trying to have a conversation with you on the topic. I’m not sure why you were getting so upset.

          I do try to remain respectful on this blog, because I appreciate people who take the time to read, like and comment here. Even when they disagree with me, I think they deserve a modicum of respect for taking time out of their day to read and write here.

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