Is Luke Cage Racist?

maxresdefaultI’m almost done the first season of Luke Cage and I will say that I’m enjoying it.

However, I don’t think it’s one of the best superhero shows around. I’d probably peg it somewhere in the middle.

Yeah, I’m a nerd.

The one thing I don’t like about the show is the super powers Luke Cage possesses. For the first half of the season, nothing could touch the guy so there was little to no suspense. He just walked around and did what he wanted, and the only thing stopping him from taking certain actions were his own set of ethical codes.

One criticism the show has had to endure is that it’s not diverse enough.

In other words, some people think it’s a racist show because it has too many black people and not enough white people.


To this I call bullshit.

As points out:

The show features an African-American superhero and is set in the historically black community of New York City’s Harlem.

With a predominantly black cast, the show explores oppression and redemption by channelling the African-American experience in today’s USA.

First off…it’s set in a predominantly black area for crying out loud!

Of course the majority of the cast is going to be black in that case.

Second of all, who gives a crap what color their skin is?

The only thing I care about is whether the characters are interesting, whether the plot is good, whether I’m entertained by the content etc. I don’t care whether they’re black, Asian, white or whatever.

Damn it, why do we have to go through every show and movie and count what ‘types’ of people are in it?

Just get the best people for the job, create a show or movie that is good and be damned to what skin color etc they are.

This politically correct nonsense is driving me out of my damned mind!

The one thing I think Luke Cage does need is a super villain with some super powers that can at least give him a run for his money.

I also think it needs to move away from some of the more cliche plot lines, such as an arch-villain with daddy issues.

All in all though, this show is worth a watch. It’s also new so it might grow into an even better show as time goes by.




    Yeah bro I completely agree with you. It’s not racist, the original Luke Cage & Misty Knight came out during a time where black people felt they were oppressed, so the comics followed that “pro black movement” in a way so there was no surprise to the way they made the series kick off. As for the show, I thought the choreography was bad, I cringed quite a bit. He also was clearly too powerful in the beginning episodes as you stated. I also thought the last barber shop fight was too cliche, they start fighting & the people are cheering him on and the governor is being interviewed by the local news station while Luke and Stryker was slugging it out. I just wish they’d get the Daredevil fight choreographer for all Netflix Marvel shows man.

  2. I agree with your analysis. I, too, was a little underwhelmed by the villains in this series. If you haven’t finished it, I won’t spoil it, but there’s a scene in the last episode that hints to the direction of a super powered villain next season.

    As to the charges of racism…clearly the people making them have never been to Harlem. But even taking that out of the equation, how can people complain? White folks are disproportionately featured on TV as it is compared to the makeup of this country. I’m sure these same folks have no problem with white people playing Asian characters, Egyptians, etc.

  3. Good post. I honestly have not watched the show but have heard critiques that it is racist because of the black cast. This is frustrating because many other shows have white casts and people don’t seem to care. This show is addressing issues that impacted a black community and thus the cast will reflect that. Just like some shows that take place in a middle class white neighborhood would have a majority white cast because of the emphasis. Thanks for pointing this out.

  4. I expect those people who complain about ‘racism’ (ugh) in Luke Cage- a series set in Harlem- should also complain about Downton Abbey being so white.

    As for black issues… they do realise it was based on a Blaxploitation series?

    The only point I’d disagree on is that It’s to do with political correctness. In fact, it’s anti ‘political correctness’. The reason these people complain is because they see initiatives and attempts to include more POC in fiction, and they resent having to listen to issues not about them for once; then they see like, one of two shows on earth which are predominantly black (the other being OITNB) and they think ‘aha! Now we’re not in it! You’re doing the same thing!’ Ignoring that they’re full of shit, and if there were just one or two shows out there with no developed black characters no one would complain about it; it’s only a problem because there are hardly any developed black characters across all of fiction.

    Anyway, great post. Just started and enjoying this series so far. See what you mean about invincibility (had the same issues with Wolverine). What stopped me from getting bored was its full, interesting cast- shout out to Coppermouth, his cousin, Misty Knight and what I can only think of as Agent Smith

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