subtexts in radical feminism

I don’t usually reblog stuff but I really enjoyed this post by Violetwisp. I don’t agree with the entire thing, but I can certainly get on board for most of it.



There was a time, not long ago, when rousing anthems on feminism engaged me and enraged me about the patriarchal society we live in. Now I’ve delved a little deeper into radical feminism, I’m attuned to the subtext and feel dismay at the illogical messages rooted in alienation and inequality.

Let’s take extracts from a quote recently lauded by The Arbourist (full quote here).

1. Sexualised violence

We cannot both celebrate sexualised violence and have freedom from sexualised violence.

I agree. But for many radical feminists in these circles, any penetrative heterosexual sex is sexual violence, often equated with rape. Not joking.

Why is this bad for women? Because common garden heterosexual sexual intercourse is not evil. Moreover, most women are not sexually assaulted in their lifetime and most men are not sexual abusers. Yes, the numbers are disturbingly high and society needs to change, but preaching a…

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