Anti-Feminist Explains Her Anti-Feminism and a Personal Note From Me

img_0695So I promise that this is going to be the last feminist post for a while and I’ll get back to doing what I normally do on this blog, but I thought this would be a nice note to leave the discussion on, since it’s a really good interview (I think anyways) between anti-feminist, Karen Straughan , and feminist, David Pakman.

Thank you to those willing to put their opinion out there. I feel things got a little heated at times, but I do appreciate you weighing in on this topic, and I hope there’s no hard feelings.

I guess I wanted to showcase this video because it also shows how people can disagree on a subject and walk away without hating one another or thinking they’re ‘idiots’. I hope that none of my critics thinks I believe they’re idiots, because I don’t.

I also really enjoyed the discussions for the most part, and these conversations have gotten me to read a lot more material, including some feminist material from author, Bell Hooks, as well as the links some of you posted.

So again, thank you. I know it’s an emotionally charged topic and yet we were all able (most of the time) to interact respectfully and I think that’s pretty amazing.

In other news, I had Thanksgiving dinner last night with my family. Tonight I ate some leftovers. My lady is away until tomorrow and I miss her dearly. It’s been four days since she left and I can’t wait to wrap her in a warm embrace.

Earlier tonight, she sent me the picture you see in the corner. Dexter is currently sprawled beside me on the floor while I type this and the evil genius, Duke, is likely planning how he’s going to keep me awake tonight.

Anyhow, enough sappy crap. Cheers all!



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