This Guy Is A Complete Douche

What happened? Did I fall into a hate filled time warp?

Last month Egyptian lawmaker, Ilhami Agena, suggested that women should undergo female genital mutilation because the country needed to curb their sexual appetite:

He sparked an uproar last month by saying that the practice of female genital mutilation, or FGM, was needed to curb women’s sexuality and counterbalance allegedly widespread male impotence in Egypt. He claimed that 64 percent of Egyptian men suffer from impotence, citing increased sales of Viagra.

“If women are not circumcised, they will become sexually strong and there will be a problem,” an imbalance leading to divorce, he added.

Apparently he wasn’t finished, because he’s back in the news talking about oppressing women even further:

CAIRO — A women’s rights group has filed a legal complaint against an Egyptian lawmaker who called for mandatory virginity tests for women seeking university admission, the Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper reported Sunday.

In order to be taught stuff, you have to be a virgin.

That makes sense.

But it goes even further:

Agena said in an interview last week that virginity tests were needed to combat the proliferation of informal marriages, known as “gawaz orfy,” between students. Virtually expense free, such marriages have become more popular in recent years because of high youth unemployment and a shortage of affordable housing.

The gawaz orfy is widely viewed as a religiously sanctioned way of having premarital sex, a taboo in mostly conservative and majority Muslim Egypt. Muslim clerics have spoken out against such marriages.

In Egypt, as in other conservative, Muslim countries, a young woman’s virginity is widely seen as a matter of family honor, the loss of which could prevent her from getting married.

Maybe try tackling real political matters, like the shortage of affordable housing and lack of jobs instead of worrying about what people (particularly women) are doing in the bedroom?

I know…crazy right.

I also can’t quite wrap my head around how the  “gawaz orfy” is seen as religiously acceptable but yet unacceptable to some Muslim clerics.

Oh wait. I get it now. They have the same problems as other religions. No one knows what the fuck their book means so they all cherry pick.

How about you just stay the hell out of other peoples bedrooms and worry about yourself. Do your job and talk about actual political matters. Whether women are virgins when they apply for higher learning is not a political matter and asking that women undergo FGM is a human rights abuse.

Hopefully this authoritarian ass loses his spot in parliament soon. It’s scary as shit knowing this guy has any power over the lives of women or people in general.

New Vids

Just wanted to add a quick update and say my newest video is up. Thanks to those who offered me thoughts and constructive criticism on my first video. I took out the music for this one. If you decide to watch it, I’d love to know your thoughts. Thanks!



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