Reverse Racism and Who Can Be Racist?

Here’s my first YouTube video (besides the trailer) and I hope you guys and gals can stop on by my channel and give it a like.

Well, if you think it deserves a ‘like’ that is.

Considering it’s only three and a half minutes long, it sure took a lot of time and energy to make. I hope you enjoy it, even if you don’t necessarily agree with me.




  1. I have a question for you. Why is it when people tell a story or talk about a happening, they always say, the black man, or the Asian, etc. Why not just tell it and leave out the “adjectives? I’ve asked people why and they have no answer. I’m sure they think I’m nuts! 😳☺️

    • Stories are told with a particular audience in mind, so distinguishing characteristics are used to highlight identity. If you move to a town where you weren’t born the locals will describe you as *the new guy*- or some variation of that. The problem isn’t the adjective but attaching a value to the adjective. Referring to someone as Black or Asian is, on its face, neutral. Unless of course the speaker or listener are coming from a pre-existing racist perspective.

      • Yep, if it’s important to the story, it’s necessary to refer to racial characteristics (albeit in a neutral tone) in order to identify someone. We think nothing of saying, ‘the redhead over there” or ‘the overweight dude in the corner”. Or even ‘that white guy with the beard and the afro”. So why not “the black woman behind the bar” or “she was with her Korean friend, Kim Sung”. It immediately gives you a picture of what the person will look like in your own mind.

    • Like the others said, I think it’s a physical descriptor most of the time. I do have a family member who is racist and they start stories off with the race because then you can *wink wink nod nod* about why they were doing something they didn’t like – because they were of a certain race or culture.

      That’s not okay.

  2. I agree with Ark, a bit too fast, and you’re slurring words a little as well. Other than that, it’s excellent.
    One way would be to find someone on a YouTube tutorial who has a comfortable pace in his video, and listen to that until you can absorb the pacing. It can make a huge difference.

    I like the graphics, too. =)

    • ” you’re slurring words a little as well. Other than that, it’s excellent.”

      I was drinking. LOL.

      No I wasn’t. Yeah, it’s my biggest obstacle. I tend to talk rather fast and low. I’m always fighting against it when I do voice recordings. I just asked the GF if I was talking too fast and she said…you talked like you.

  3. As per the other comments, the delivery could be slightly slower and the voice over music mixing needs some tweaking and .

    Otherwise, great bumper music and presentation of the topic. Liked and look forward to seeing more videos.

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