Mommy, The Big Bad Atheists Won’t Be Quiet!

Found this charming meme over at Blogging Theology.


First off, this is a ridiculous meme.

a) Yes, one can simply live as an atheist. Some people just go along every day as an atheist and never feel the urge to talk about it or religion.

b) Even if you do talk about atheism and religion, so fucking what? And who the hell has the time to talk about one subject ‘all the time’. Not even the devoutest of theists would preach about their deity all day every day.

c) This should have been point ‘a’…but how dare you mess with The Lord of The Rings!

d) Since religion no longer has a stranglehold on at least this part of the world, it no longer has the power to shut atheists up. Instead of whining about how the big bad atheists won’t be quiet, why don’t you refute their arguments and share your thoughts on the subject?

While bloggers like this sit around sucking their thumbs and trying to shame atheists into silence, people like me want them to talk because I’m fairly certain that in the long run, their arguments will lose in the marketplace of ideas.

Furthermore, I want them to present their case because it’s the only way I can test my own ideas and thoughts on religion.

So yeah, I’ll talk about religion if I want to. I’ll bask in my freedom to do so, and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it. So you might as well pack up the tissues and actually engage in the exchange of ideas.

That is if you can pull yourself away from your silly memes.




  1. I am offended they think I talk about God all day, every day. I talk about gods all day every day. It’s presumptuous of them to assume I only care to talk about their god and no other.

    Seriously though, so what if I want to talk about gods? I like to read religious texts, too. I just think they’re interesting. Especially the ones that aren’t the Bible. I’ve picked up enough about the Bible having it shoved down my throat my entire life. Reading other religion’s texts tells me stuff I didn’t already know.

  2. Another stupid meme; I encounter various kinds of god talk almost every day. It’s an important part of many people’s lives and I understand to some people this belief is an important part of their identity.


    But then we encounter the True Believer who thinks a religious belief should be exported into and onto the lives of others.

    That’s not fine.

    So I keep my mouth shut right up until someone who crosses this boundary. And as sure as anything, as soon as the religious believer meets resistance, the very first order of business is to establish if I’m a believer and, if not, have to listen to derogatory comments about non believers… which is almost every day.

    So, Paul Williams, if believers would keep their religious beliefs out of my presence, out of affecting my life, beyond my hearing range, we’re good. And we both know that ain’t gunna happen.

    See? I’ve got a pair of older ladies wearing skirts knocking at my door. They’re probably here to share their disappointment at being preached at by atheists…

  3. Ugh. As if I’m not assaulted by religion everyday? Please. Christian imagery is everywhere. It’s on our money, in the pledge of allegiance, there’s a church on every corner. Some people I work with even say grace during lunch.

    And ultimately I don’t care. I find it stupid, but I don’t let it affect how I live my life. Which is perhaps ultimately the real irony of this meme: to me it’s more sad that there are people who spend every day dwelling on what atheists say instead of practicing what they preach and turning the other cheek.

  4. We now for the first time in this area have a new craft store: Hobby Lobby, for those of you not familiar with it, is a blatant-but-careful Christian based outlet. Nice stuff, huge store, prices through the roof. However. You get gently assaulted by careful elevator music that has a neutral theme, and any of the signage that’s for sale (those cute things people give you to hang on your kitchen wall, like that’s gonna happen) are almost totally of the carefully uplifting variety. “God is watching over you” and “love one another” and “Do unto others…”

    There is even an entire section on books, all of them christian-themed. Joel Osteen, dozens of devotional inspiring whoo hoo books. And they tell us WE obsess about THEIR religion?

    They have already put out the Christmas decorations.

    And as an aside, agreed about the political carefulness. I suspect half the people who have run for office and won were avowed atheists but too savvy to admit it. Up until recently they made a point of attending church with the family in tow, any chance they could. The image, you know.

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