Did This Contractor Back Out Of My Contract Because I’m An Atheist?

Today I woke up to find out that my contractor had cancelled his contract to make me a banner and avatar for my Godless Cranium YouTube channel, likely because I’m an atheist.

Here’s a screen shot of what he said right before cancelling.


You might be thinking I tricked this fellow (evil atheist that I am) into making a banner on a topic that relates to atheism, but I clearly put in my proposal that the name of the channel was Godless Cranium and that I’d be talking about news and opinions.

It was no secret.

But for full disclosure, here’s what my proposal said.


Before this he had asked me a bunch of questions about what I’d be talking about and if it would be specifically about religion.

I suppose he might have cancelled due to family obligations, but I find that unlikely. He seemed very distressed that I might be talking about religion and atheism throughout the two days he was supposed to be working on my banner.



I work in the social services field and one of my clients likes to say his ‘Our Fathers’ before bed and sometimes he likes me to say them. I remember the prayer from when I was a Christian and when he asks, you can bet your bottom dollar that I say the prayer with him.

It’s my job.

When I go to a church for some reason on my personal time, I don’t pray and I don’t bow my head, but that’s my personal time.

The other thing that bothers me is that this bloke doesn’t have to sign his name to the banner. His personal signature saying he endorses what I’m talking about isn’t going to be written in neon lights.

I don’t go about questioning my clients about their religious affiliation. I could care less if they’re religious. I’m there to do a job. If they’re religious it doesn’t mean I’m endorsing that religion.

Am I mad?

Nah, not really. I did fill out a bad feedback form for him, but I think he richly deserved that after his unprofessional conduct. The fact I waited two days for nothing is a bit annoying but there are plenty of contractors in the sea, my friends.




  1. Yep, he most certainly did! SUE HIM!!! He’s infringing on your religious liberties 🙂

    As an aside, I sometimes coach Ph.D students with their dissertations, and I lost a student a few years ago over my atheism. It’s kinda’ funny, really.

  2. Seems likely.

    Is the feedback on the site you used open, like showing the clients’ usernames attached to the service provider’s? Just wondering if he was trying to avoid public association with a heathen.

    OTOH, likely just his conscience – which caused him to lie (maybe) to break the contract.

    Ironic, that.

  3. I dunno. Can this fellow atheist shift your perspective with a few extreme examples? If you were the one designing the banner, would you knowingly do it for a Mormon polygamist? Or for Trump? Ann Coulter? I want for people to respect my beliefs, but I can’t fault them for not agreeing with them. Am I talking out of my Godless Cranium here?

  4. While I can empathize with your plight in this specific instance, at a broader level I’m of several minds on this issue; because there seems to be a double-standard in play: customers are permitted to boycott any merchant for any reason whatsoever, yet merchants are expected (and often legally required) to conduct business with all potential customers without reservation. As a firm proponent of negative rights, this hardly seems equitable.

    I’m also a firm proponent of free speech, but said right does not grant ancillary rights to demand one’s opponents furnish a podium from which to deliver that speech.

    However, from a personal standpoint: Sticks and stones…right?

    An’ it harm none, do what ye will. ~Wiccan Rede

  5. Right. But I submit that circumstances permit buyers to discriminate in secret whereas merchants must do so in the open. And barring actions that result in direct harm to others, I contend that both parties should enjoy the right to accept or refuse contractual engagements without undue influence.

    Nonetheless, I’m always willing to entertain opposing viewpoints. In fact, I welcome the challenge.

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