Just a Few Pictures After God Maimed My Foot

Happy Saturday all! 

Just thought I’d share some pictures today since I’ve been covering some heavy topics lately. I guess it’s my way of brightening up the place a bit before nailing some more controversial topics.

I also clumsily bashed my foot against our couch. I may have broken my baby toe. At the very least it’s massively bruised and sore as hell. Half my foot is bruised now, making it difficult to hobble around.

I think God might be punishing me.

What an un-atheist thing to say. So here’s a few pictures and I hope you’re having a fantastic day, dear reader.

Found this beauty of a bear at the Pagan Festival. I believe this is the reason god is so mad at me.

By the way, the Pagan Festival was pretty awesome. Totally worth the sore foot. It was the perfect place to geek out.

Dexter chilling by some food.

Selfie time! 



  1. Many years ago, when our kids were little, one of the kids screamed in the middle of the night (probably had a nightmare). Hubby hopped out of bed and stubbed his big toe on the dresser. Pretty sure he broke that toe – it’s never been quite right since – but it did eventually heal without medical intervention. Hope yours feels better soon.

    PS: Love the teddy bear!

  2. Love it when you visit because it reminds me to come over and it is always worth it. Dexter is just handsome personified. Expression: ‘Oh here he goes again…I have to do this posing thing…sigh. Oh well, if it’ll get me a treat.’
    And yes. You are being punished by the god of toes! So..um..repent…or something.

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