Can Black People Be Racist? Can Women Be Sexist? | Power + Prejudice

I wanted to quickly post this video that I just ran across. It’s short and sweet but succinctly describes what I was trying to get at with my last post, Can Only White People Be Racist?

Funny that I ran across it completely by accident while looking through my YouTube reader, which is usually jam packed with gaming videos. I hope you enjoy it and make sure to leave your thoughts below.




  1. and when you think about it, saying that a ‘minority” can’t be racist is a pretty racist thing to say, all by itself. “You are not Worthy, mr. minority person.” “you can’t be sexist, you feemale person…you too dumb to even know what that means…”

    • Yes good point. An inherent flaw in human thinking is to assume that those who are oppressed are themselves superior people. The reality is that they lack opportunity and given the opportunity might well oppress others. They might be better people, but they may not.

      A study of world history could be summarised as the ‘powerful getting away with what they can and the powerless putting up with what they have to’.

  2. There is only one way Mike…to rid the world of racism… The love of Christ in one’s heart will !! Yes many non-believers hate racism… But because racism is a sin of the flesh…only the power of the Holy Spirit can completely eradicate it in…

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