Closing In On 700 Subscribers and More : Can I Be The Next 700 Club?

I’m currently working on a (possibly very) controversial post about whether African Americans can be racist.

I recently was told that ‘black people and other minorites’ can not be racist, even though they are capable of prejudice.

Being the skeptic that I am, I’ve been reading up on this thought and to my surprise, it’s fairly common.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have that post typed up. But if you have any initial thoughts to that premise or information (like links etc) you would like to pass on to me, please feel free to post them in the comment section below.

In the meantime, like the calm before the storm, I’m going to hit you up with some cute as shit pictures of my baby, Dexter.

Oh, and we are closing in on 700 subscribers. I believe we are at 697 at the time of this writing.

Thanks to all of you who read this blog. You guys and gals rock!



  1. This might not be the direction you’re heading with this, but… I used to manage several restaurants, and at one point I had a waitress–an older black lady–who complained incessantly every time she had to wait on a table of black people. She was always friendly and courteous to the customers, but to any of the staff, she was quick to spit out every stereotype that has ever been heard. I was absolutely shocked the first time I heard her venting, and before I could even say anything, she quickly threw out, “yes, I see the irony, and I know it’s racist.”

  2. Essentially, the issue about racism turns on how it’s used. If you click the link to the definition, people who say that minorities can’t be racist in the U.S. are using the 2d definition (as well as suggesting that racism in U.S. government favors white people). People who say that minorities can be racist are using the 1st definition (suggesting that racism is equivalent to discrimination and prejudice).

    Basically, it’s more helpful to make sure you’re clearly defining what you mean by “being racist.” A lot of discussions and arguments about this subject are the result of people talking about different things while pretending it’s the same thing. They’re not always used the same way.

  3. Any individual can be racist, if they have a hair across their butt about Orientials, or Hindus, or Sikhs or Jews or blacks. I think its much too broad a brush to say that “blacks are…” or ‘whites are…” because that lumps all of one culture under the same leaky umbrella. To me, racism is one or several people disliking another race/culture/whatever, for their own reasons. Or just because.

    It still obtains if one culture dislikes another, since not all of that culture will agree on it, and not all should be painted by that brush. It is still individuals dissing the race of another person, or their culture.

  4. Xenophobia is hard-wired in humans. fMRI scans show that no matter what your race, when one is presented with pictures of faces from another race, the amygdala (fear, disgust, anxiety) became metabolically. This happens even when presented subliminally. However, when the subjects were subtly biased beforehand to see these people as individuals rather than a member of group (culture, foreign country and/or race), the amygdala didn’t become metabolically active.

    Yes, Dexter is a cutie.

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