Screw Off With The Demonization

Something has been bothering the shit out of me lately.

I’m so sick of seeing people get demonized for holding different opinions on controversial subjects.


Agree with Colin Kaepernick’s choice to sit during the national anthem, then you should be shot at.

It was also a pastor that said that. I guess that’s what Jesus would have done.

Don’t agree with Black Lives Matter?

You’re a racist.

Don’t agree with third wave feminism?

You’re a misogynist, woman hating piece of shit.

You criticize Islam as a set of ideas?

You fucking Islamophobe. It’s okay to criticize Christianity though. Have at it Hoss. We all know that Christianity is a set of ideas and not a race of people.

How about we engage the arguments being made instead of slapping a label on someone so you can conveniently ignore their differing opinion.

You have even seen this nonsense in the atheist community, where members of Atheist + tried to force their feminism on all atheists. Not only do they try to bully people who disagree with parts of their feminist ideology, but what the fuck does feminism have to do with atheism?

Atheism is just a lack of belief in God(s). Sure you can describe yourself as an atheist and a feminist, but being an atheist doesn’t require you to be a feminist. They are mutually exclusive things.

Even the American election is full of demonizing and stupidity. In fact, a recent Huffington Post article literally called for violence against Trump if he were to win the election.

Don’t believe me, then feel free to read the article yourself.

Now look, I lean Left when it comes to politics, but we see these tactics being used by both sides, and quite a few of those examples given above come from the Left side of the political spectrum.

How about we share ideas, debate one another on topics, listen to the other side and stop slapping ridiculous labels on people in an attempt to publicly shame them into silence.






  1. I couldn’t agree more with this analysis. Spot on. People get so attached to ways of thinking and labels that they can’t handle those ideas being challenged or modified. So often we think certain ideas are black and white when real life is seldom that starkly contrasted.

    As with any conversation or debate, a little empathy goes a long way.

    • I completely agree. It also waters down those terms and makes them practically useless when we really run into things like racism, misogyny etc.

      I want to hear different opinions. I don’t want people afraid they’ll be publicly shamed if they voice those opinions. That does nothing to further the conversation.

      Thanks for you thoughts!

  2. Yep (waving at Wally–how are ya, you big lug)–I’ve been verbally spat on by Wiccans who told me I would die and go to hell (I told them I could hardly wait to meet them there), and called all sorts of things for stating obvious obviousnesses.
    Tolerance only counts if You are tolerant of Them and think their way.

    My favorite label (attached to my back, practically) was “liberal commie pinko jew hating bitch:”

    Labels like that make it easier for people to identify you and when the burning pyres start, they can find you more easily.

    Unless it’s self-inflicted, it’s rude to label someone, for any reason, it squeezes them into a one-size fits all package, and never allows for any room at all in there.

    This stuff used to be called hate speech. When did it become fashionable to hate people??

  3. So true, everyone will put labels on one another then condemn those who think differently. We should be able to respect others no matter if we agree or not. We are all human beings who want acceptance and respect no matter what label we wear. As a christian I believe we are to follow the example of Jesus who loved people and did not condemn anyone…..other than the religious leaders who thought they were better than everyone else.

  4. The thing about this kind of stuff, is not only is it terribly mean, but it makes it even scary at times to hold to your convictions. Not often, but occasionally, I feel a little awkward telling new people I’m Catholic.

    Religion/philosophy is a little tricky because there’s certainly a balance one has to find between believing said philosophy/religion is right and acknowledging the merits of other belief systems. It’s fine to believe that you’re right, but it’s super important to acknowledge that there’s a lot you don’t understand.

    What really ticks me off is when people claim to be Christian and then are absolute turds to people they disagree with on whatever subject. That’s the exact opposite of what a Christian is supposed to do. Grr.

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