Couple of Changes

So I’m planning on doing some changes to my YouTube channel and perhaps start linking topics I write about here over there. I’m not sure I want the two to be officially linked but time will tell.

So anyways, my YT site is geared towards gaming but I’m going to start posting videos tackling some controversial topics with some game play in the background.

Because damn it, I love me some controversy and I’ve always used this blog to indulge that facet of my personality.

So like my dog, Dexter, says by using my face as a muzzle pedestal, I’ll be tackling controversial topics here as well as my YT channel – one on top of the other. 

I’ll link my channel announcement below as well.

I’m also keen on getting some guest bloggers on here in the near future. So no matter whether you agree with the material published here or not, if you would like to guest blog, please let me know in the comment section as well as your post idea.

Have a great weekend all! <—–link to my channel announcement.



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