Don’t Be a Testicle

Was reading a post earlier about language we use that marginalizes groups of people, especially minorities or vulnerable populations.

It reminded me of a conversation I recently had with my partner. 

We were discussing how some people (mostly men) call others a ‘pussy’, implying that they are being girl-like and weak like a female.

The funny thing is that my partner’s lady bits are far more resiliant than my man bits. Hers are capable of giving birth to a fairly large human being. 

Even the thought of small trauma to my testicles makes me cringe. A kick or even a brush of that sensitive area hurts like hell and is likely to cause vomiting or curling into a ball.

If anything, my partner explained, we shouldn’t be weak and sensitive like a testicle. Being a pussy should be a sign of resilience. 

Funny but true. 

PS: Typed this on my phone. Sorry for any mistakes ahead of time. 



  1. Hi GC, the popular meme circulating since 2011 via the Internet quotes Betty White, but she never said it according to Snopes. Partial credit goes to New York standup comedian Sheng Wang, who delivered a lengthier version of the joke in 2011 on Comedy Central Presents:

    Sheng Wang’s routine apparently borrowed heavily from comedian Hal Sparks, which aired on Showtime in 2010.

  2. This reminds me of an incident I saw on a baseball (SF Giants) broadcast a few years ago. One of the Giants’ players, with a full count (3 balls and 2 strikes, for you nonbaseball fans), fouled a fastball. The foul hit on the back of the plate, and it ricocheted up nailing the opposing catcher directly in the ‘nads. He went rigid, toppled over, and lay there unmoving, in agony.

    There was dead silence for maybe 15 seconds.

    Then the Giants’ play-by-play man, Duane Kuiper, who in hindsight had obviously been thinking it over, slowly and deliberately said, “One strike, two balls.”

  3. Is pussy really being used as a reference to female genitalia? I always considered it a shortened version of pussycat, because growing up the taunt was frequently accompanied by meowing sounds for maximum effect.

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