My First YouTube Gaming Video in Six Months

Like the title says, I just posted my first YouTube gaming video in 6 months. I’m slowly learning how to use my new video editing software, and in this video I used Audacity to record the voice.

I think it turned out nicely and I’m pleased with the video. It was also a lot of fun messing around with the game, Overwatch.

So here it is if you would like to view it. Thanks for any and all support given in advance. A ‘like’ or subscribe is always appreciated.



  1. Not my cuppa tea but for a first person shooter it looks fairly awesome. I have trouble with the idea that all you see is hands, lol. I KNOW they’re your hands, but it just seems awkward to me.
    And yeah, a backstory is always nice, that makes it more than just a shoot and shoot more game.
    Cool video, you did good.

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