Are We Living in a Bizarre World and Will Trump Be Elected?

alien-544193_960_720So I’ve been corresponding with fellow blogger, James, over at Isaiah 53:5 trying to figure out a way to collaborate. Before I went on hiatus from blogging, I was working on a Friday column there where his readers (primarily Christians) ask me questions that I answer from my atheist perspective.

Anyhow, I always had a lot of fun doing it. It’s nice to reach an audience I might not reach otherwise. So if there’s anyone else who would like to collaborate in some way, shoot me a message or post it in the comments below. I’m always up for some fun.

Yes…I’m weird and think lively debate is fun. Sue me.

I do have an article going up over there soon. I think James said tomorrow (Friday) morning. It’s basically a rebuttal piece to one of his articles. I’ll also reblog it here for people who can’t or don’t want to comment there. I truly hope you enjoy it when it goes live.

But enough about that. In one of our emails, James asked me this:

I conservative blogger I have read for years posted yesterday that we live in a massively stupid world. He further said he can’t wait for aliens to invade and kill us all and if that does happen, he would volunteer to help.

Of course this wasn’t biblical (he is self admitted agnostic) and it was intended to be humorous hyperbole but, I think, there is a bit of truth in his frustration.

Was wondering, maybe, if you’d like to do something along those lines coming from your worldview. Really, do you think we are living in bizaro world?

Just a thought.

Have a great weekend brother,

Now I’m never in favor of genocide – whether by aliens, humans or any other species.

It sounds like that fellow is very cynical; perhaps unhappy or maybe just thinks that’s a funny sentiment.

I  think we live in a sorta bizarre world. Here’s one example.

I think Trump has a legitimate shot at winning the election. Not because he’s politically savvy or smart or more qualified than Hilary Clinton, but because people are tired of a broken political system and they think it would be funny to elect a moron like Trump.

If he does get elected, he will likely destabilize the world and cause untold amounts of harm, but who’s counting right?

Now don’t get me wrong – I think Hilary is a bad choice as well. I think she goes with whatever stance she deems will get her the most votes. That whole email debacle is super ass fishy and so on.

But she’s imminently more qualified than Trump. Trump gets away with saying the most outrageous and stupid things, such as calling for Russia to hack Hilary. I mean, in what universe is that a good idea?

And that’s just one of hundreds of examples.

I think people have a weird sense of humor, and if there’s something bizarre about this whole thing it’s that in a country of 300+ MILLION people, Hilary and Trump are the best the American electoral system can come up with.

There has got to be two people who are more intelligent, who have more political sense and who have better ethical values than either of these two candidates but somehow we’re stuck with them.

So yes, I think we live in a Bizarre world, but it’s bizarre because we make it so. If we are on a roller coaster, this puppy is going down a mountain right now. I hope it rights itself before we go off the tracks.



  1. Hillary Clinton would be absolutely nowhere without her sexual predator husband Bill who was also impeached for his lawlessness.

    She has no talent, no charisma and would somebody please explain how she made $100,000,000 from foreign governments payoffs to her family charity?

    Nevertheless, I don’t like THE Donald.

    But he knows how to win and he’s going to turn a dunderhead like Hillary into a box of pretzels by next November.

  2. That these two chumps are the best you lot can come up with is bizzare indeed.
    But then look who we have Jacob Farking Zuma!
    It says a lot more about the people who vote for these nanas than it does about the nominees themselves.

    Personally, I would never in a million years have even allowed a dickhead like Trump to stand for nomination – but that’s democracy for you, right?
    ”Whoops! Look out, kids! Here comes Captain Sensible!”

    Now that he is genuinely in the running my morbid sense of curiosity wants to see Mister Hairstyle of the Century actually take Office.
    ”What’s this button here do? Can I press it? But I wanna press it! ”
    It will be a ride and a half.
    I wonder if someone will eventually consider doing a JFK number on him?

    I suppose the CIA will be banging on my door a few minutes after I post this and an Asset will be put on stand by?

    Take it easy you guys, just messing with you.
    I lurv The Don!

  3. Those of us that support Trump do not feel he’s a moron, we want a business person in that knows how to create jobs and balance a budget. I do not support Hillary, but I don’t think she, nor her supporters, are morons. I don’t support her because her corruption is like no other (including Bill).

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