Happy Ark?

So a reader suggested I update my Gravitar image and so I have. 

Happy Ark?

You forced me to take a selfie. I momentarily loathed myself. But it’s done and the image accurately reflects me at present time.

Here’s the full uncropped image.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!



  1. its a good picture, GC–I sympathize, though; I despise photos of me, to the point where at my wedding my mother gripped me by the elbow and said, “You WILL let the photographer take your photo…” yes, ma’am

    always feels as if bits of me were being ripped out–

    You look good–nicely tanned, unseamed, youthful. =)

    Oh I see what makes it look reversed, the seat belt looks like its on the passenger side…was it?

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