Dexter Chilling Out

Today I left Dexter alone at the new place for the first time while I went off to work. I was really nervous (heart in throat sort of nervous) and worried my entire shift, wondering what he was doing and hoping he didn’t feel abandoned.

Silly I know.

My partner must have picked up my frantic vibes and stopped by to check up on him. She kindly let him out and took him for a walk. They played a lively game of stick, and Dexter got through the night just fine. I’ll now feel a little better about leaving him home alone.

During her visit, she snapped some pictures that she then sent to me, likely with the hope that it would make me feel better. I thought I’d share them since they’re (in my daddy-dog eyes anyhow) immensely cute.

How come I can’t take pictures like these ones!

Dex stick

Dexter playing stick

Dex chair

My personal favorite of the three pictures



I’m fine Dad



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