New Things, New Paths and Lots of Pictures

So it’s been a weird few months. Good things and not-so-good-things have been happening in my life and I wanted to share some of them with you.

I’ve been a busy bee. A family I work with has gone through a crisis (successfully I might add) and that sapped a lot of my free time.

But many, many more things have happened recently as well.

Throwing Ax Mayhem

For example, I tried out ax throwing and it turns out I’m not too shabby at it. When I first arrived, I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Axes were flying every which way, but by the time I left I had managed to hit four bulls-eyes in a row.

It was a lot more fun than I expected.


Gratuitous picture of Dexter

New Baby Puppy

My roommate also got a rescue dog. He and the rest of his litter had been thrown in a ditch to freeze to death. He lost part of his tail from the ordeal, but he’s safe and sound now and Dexter has a new playmate.

However, he is aptly named. His name is Ekko and he loves to bark when riled up. He is five months old now and Dexter has been a heck of a mentor. When we first got Ekko he was afraid of humans, but Dex stepped up to the doggy plate and got him up and about.

dex and ekko

Dex watching over his new brother


Letting the little guy think he’s winning

sleeping ekko

Sleeping after a hard day of play. It’s tough being a dog

Moms B-Day

I’ve kinda, sorta made up with my mom. I still have a hard time trusting my immediate family, but we are talking again and she recently had her 65th birthday.

My sister was bothering me to ‘dress up’, which I hate doing. So I decided to rent a costume and really dress up.

It went over well. People, including my mother, had a good laugh. My favorite part of the whole thing was watching the waitstaff try to take my order or talk to me without laughing.


My costume for the birthday party

dressed up

Getting ready to leave for the party, while Dexter inspects my new look

mom val

Me, mom and my sister


A family shot of a lot of the family and friends who attended. Get a load of my mom’s giant freaking dog in the middle. He’s 180 lbs!

New Girlfriend

The best new thing to happen is I’ve started seeing a fabulous woman. We’ve been dating for about six weeks now and she has made my life happier.

While being single hasn’t been too bad, it’s nice to find a kindred spirit to share my life with. It’s still a new relationship, but I feel as though I’m definitely on the right track.

She works in the same field as I do, is super smart and we share a lot of common interests, with just enough differences to make it interesting. She doesn’t (yet) come close to my degree of geek but you can’t have everything, right?

So fingers crossed that I don’t screw this one up!

ME dress

Work fancy

ME pirate

Sexy Halloween pirate

ME and echo

Hanging with the new pup

So there you have it – those are the most significant things to happen to me since my last post. I’m gearing up for spring now, and I hope you’re all doing well. 🙂