Calling Out Bigotry Doesn’t Make You Less Christian

It astounds me how people who pronounce that their religion promotes morality, ethics and good behavior are so easily capable of the most unthinking bigotry. They then pretend they’re promoting ‘truth’ instead of poison.

For example, take this blog I read today called, The Biggest Fool.

In this post you have the obligatory back hand slap towards atheists, with that well known quote about being a fool if you don’t believe in God:

Only fools say in their hearts, “There is no God.” (Psalm 14:1)

Strange that some people in this supposed morally upright culture seem to think it’s okay to call a whole group of people fools.

Then the author goes on (without much of a point as far as I can tell) about times he thought he would die but didn’t.

For the record, I’ve had those times as well. I’ve survived three horrific car accidents – one with a humongous buck and one where I got hit from behind by a five ton truck, which pushed me into oncoming traffic so I could get nailed again by another car.

God didn’t save me. Luck did, and medical science sure didn’t hurt none.

I’ve also been hit by a bus while on foot – no God intervened. Just more medical personnel. I got hit so hard I still don’t remember it happening.

But then this bigot posts a video at the end of his post with this sentence in the description:

God, forgive me. For those times I have lived the lifestyle of the atheist, forgive me.


And so I posted a comment calling him out on his bigotry. He tried to say I hadn’t read his post, but I wonder if he bothered to read the description of his own video. It’s not okay to paint an entire group of people as immoral like that. I don’t care what group it is. Change the word ‘atheist’ to any ethnic group, and you will quickly see how bigoted that statement is.

  • God, forgive me. For those times I have lived the lifestyle of the Jew, forgive me.
  • God, forgive me. For those times I have lived the lifestyle of the homosexual, forgive me.
    • God, forgive me. For those times I have lived the lifestyle of the Christian, forgive me.

See how disgusting it sounds?

So here’s the exchange I had with the author.



There’s more but it hasn’t appeared on his blog yet. I’m not sure if he decided not to publish it or if he just hasn’t approved it yet. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he likely hasn’t approved it yet, although I posted it about six hours ago.

In those comments he tries to deflect me to another blog post but I refuse to take the bait. I don’t care about that blog post because I was commenting on this one.

Not only does this bigotry go unremarked by his fellow bloggers, many of which are clearly Christians, but so far this post has garnered (at the time of this writing) a whopping 59 likes and a few boot-licking comments applauding him for his open bigotry.

For example:


Blessed devotion? He just smeared a whole group of people and called them fools and said their ‘lifestyle’ was so dirty it required forgiveness.


It’s not a great post, Ancients. It’s an abhorrent one and one that happens too frequently. It’s also something that could be stopped if even one person speaks up and points out this type of bigotry. You’ll notice that the comments stop after my comments. The likes slowed down, and I don’t know if it had anything to do with me, but if it prevented even one person from condoning this crap, then it was worth my time.

Christians, you can stop this nonsense from spreading as well. Read what you’re liking and think about it before posting a comment or liking the post. Really think about what’s being said.

Don’t be a part of the problem. Be a part of the solution. It won’t make you any less Christian to point out bigotry when it rears its ugly head.




  1. my comment from earlier today… in moderation of course
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    KIA January 16, 2016 at 7:04 PM Reply
    So why didn’t God protect you from the car accident in the first place if you think he intervened to protect you from death? Is it a case like Jesus healing partially? Like “I see men like trees” at first? Or did he just not care to keep you from the accident, just comfort you as you recovered?

  2. You might want to utilize Romans 2:14-15 for such nonsense.

    “Even Gentiles, who do not have God’s written law, show that they know his law when they instinctively obey it, even without having heard it. They demonstrate that God’s law is written in their hearts, for their own conscience and thoughts either accuse them or tell them they are doing right.” (NLT)

    The Bible blows that theory about Atheists right out of the water.

  3. I do not think the author of the blog to which you give commentary was trying to come across offensive when he made the remarks he did. What I have come to see is that people say all kinds of ignorant bullocks when they think their audience is primarily on the same page as them. That does not in fact make the remark any less offensive, but I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  4. That’s definitely annoying. The extent to which religious folks drag religion. I just read the blog post and understand your reaction.
    We need to learn to respect what choices people make. Sad that Christians seem to think that atheists are evil. Sighs.

  5. It is offensive and bigoted, let me first say that. But, having been one of those who believed that atheists were fools, I also understand where the author is coming from. Not that that makes it any better. Just that it’s unlikely the author and his followers/likers will change their minds, stop spreading this hateful message, or agree that it is even bigotry. They do think they’re speaking truth. In love, no less. The truth hurts they’ll say. You have to tell the truth sometimes, even when it isn’t what people want to hear, they’ll say. Not believing in or giving the Christian God his due is sin. I know. I’ve said it.

    Sorry, I need a moment to go throw up now.

    But these are the same people who, although they believe in said god, also believe their own righteousness is as filthy rags. They can do nothing without god. There is no one good, no not one. In that sense, the author likely doesn’t feel they’re “better than” the atheists they’re smearing. Just that they’ve “sinned” once again and added another stain to their filthy rag by not praising Yahweh enough, or possibly not acknowledging Yahweh at all in some circumstance in their life, thus “behaving like an atheist”. Because it’s a sin not to pray without ceasing, not to acknowledge and thank Yahweh in all things. Their good god can’t handle not having his ego stroked.

    Oh, how twisted and exhausting!

  6. Notice that if you challenge divinely sanctioned Christian bigotry and explain why this is the case and how it causes harm, you magically become a strident, angry, arrogant, militant, fundamentalist atheist. If you disagree with that assessment and return to the criticism about religious bigotry, then along come the atheist butters (I’m an atheist, but…) and other faitheists (many agnostics seem particularly vulnerable to using this opportunity to condescend to both sides) who then complain about your tone and why you are Doin’ It Rong. Still, the criticism of this tolerated bigotry usually stands unanswered, waved away, or ‘moderated’ while the non believer is vilified for complaining about being vilified.

    Good thing divine love is so carefully protected and gently nurtured by so many bigots, faitheists, and hypoicrites.

  7. I read that site, and gave up, finally. Most of it seems poorly written, badly expressed, and hardly worth the effort to unravel it. Im not sure a lot of those Xtian supporters even understood what was being said.
    Surely there are better places to spend your allowance money…

  8. okay, I think I just got it. In general, I mean. The responses and comments Ive been seeing by Christians on these blogs suddenly remind me of the way someone reacts when he sees his entire world coming unglued but doesnt want to admit it.
    He’s terrified, angry, and simply cannot face that crumbling wall or belief, the one that has sustained him for his entire life. I wonder how many of them have actually confronted the great “what if”…

    Think about it: you spend 30 or 40 years with a belief system that suddenly seems to be developing cracks and fissures, and like one of those high rise bridges in an earthquake, it’s threatening to collapse and you’re in the middle of it.

    All the prayers, all the exhortations and miracles and belilefs are suddenly in doubt. No one is answering. No one is rescuing anyone.

    We are, after all, at a unique place in history, the collapse of a civilzation that it has taken 2000 years to build, and it’s unraveling exactly the way it’s been predicted. My generation won’t live to see the end of it, and for that Im grateful, but yours might. Christianity, which was a construct (as are all religions) from the start, is on its last hooves, and people are scared–and scared people tend to want to blame the other guy, which in this case, is us.

    And good morning. It’s snowing, if anyone is interested.

    • I don’t see ‘civilization’ collapsing at all. Sure, we face significant problems and know that some major changes are going to occur but, compared to the last 2000 years, this is business as usual… we just have a better understanding that can predict consequences more accurately. That may scare people but we’ve managed to muddle through such trivial problems as world wars, totalitarian superpowers armed with nuclear weapons, and global epidemics. We can and do handle necessary change without ‘civilization’ collapsing and we seem to be pulling ahead by many really important measurements. Climate change is by far the greatest issue of our time and its impacts relatively small so far so, yes, great big changes will follow for future generations but this is what life is and humanity seems to have the ability to proceed when we put aside our superstitions and ignorance and then deal with real world problems with real world solutions. This is exactly what the younger generation indicates is their modus operandi and this is what appears in polling numbers. So have a bit more hope because that’s what reality is telling us: we have cause for confidence.

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