Great Balls of YouTube Fire!

So I’m pretty excited about the relaunch of my YouTube channel.

*balloons and fanfare and all that jazz*

I recently updated the intro and banner and plan on expanding the channel to include gaming in general, and not just Clash of Clans.

Took me a while to make the first video. I’m definitely a bit rusty.

Okay…more than a bit. And I think that shows through some in the video, especially the narration somewhat but hopefully I get back into the swing of things soon. YouTube has always been a learning experience for me. I’m not a graphic artist or video editing genius – just a regular schmuck doing something he enjoys doing.

So if you have a few minutes, I hope you’ll check out the channel and my latest attempt at a video. 🙂

More blogging stuff will happen soon as well. Love you guys and gals!



  1. Not bad – I’m still working on my YouTube channel launch…but I have to upgrade my computer, and the parts that were supposed to arrive on Monday won’t get here until next week, LOL

    The game I’m obsessed with is having a free weekend, so I’m inviting all gamers to check it out, if you dare…bwahahahahaaahhh…go ahead and delete the link if you want, but I wanted to try to slip it under the fence, so to speak!


  2. One I havent heard of, GC; not my style, but it’s fun see other games–I spent a year with RailNation and finally escaped nearly intact, and went back to my first love, WoW. Yeah, yeah, I know, it can crawl, but thats what I like about it.

    I think this video is just fine, what you’ve done, definitely strikes me as incomprehensible but fun (ducking)…

  3. Last spring after i worked my way out of RailNation (never go there. You have a life) I knew Id end up back at WoW but managed to download and reject just about every free to play large game and several smaller ones. They were okay, but all flawed in one way or another.
    Looked at the trailer for Fallout4, and the character selection was fascinating–however, Im not sure Im up for a doomsday type game, at least not in the wintah. Way too depressing. If WoW pales again, I might look at it then. Is it as good as it looks in the demos?

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