Great Balls of YouTube Fire!

So I’m pretty excited about the relaunch of my YouTube channel.

*balloons and fanfare and all that jazz*

I recently updated the intro and banner and plan on expanding the channel to include gaming in general, and not just Clash of Clans.

Took me a while to make the first video. I’m definitely a bit rusty.

Okay…more than a bit. And I think that shows through some in the video, especially the narration somewhat but hopefully I get back into the swing of things soon. YouTube has always been a learning experience for me. I’m not a graphic artist or video editing genius – just a regular schmuck doing something he enjoys doing.

So if you have a few minutes, I hope you’ll check out the channel and my latest attempt at a video. 🙂

More blogging stuff will happen soon as well. Love you guys and gals!