Bat Dog And The Pagan Celebration

Just a few quick pictures I thought some of you might enjoy.

I got Dexter a new Batman collar. He’s still ridiculously spoiled.

I also took a client to a Pagan festival. It was pretty cool. They had some neat  merchandise, especially the cloaks and hoods.

Wish I had cash on me. I might be sporting some new Pagan gear.

Things are still going well. I’ll talk about it more soon, since I’m typing on my phone.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Peek a dog


Cool tree anyone?


My name is Batdog!


I'm cute


Pagan tunes


Shopping for pagan gear



  1. A few comments:

    1. I like the pic of the uprooted tree. Where was this taken?

    2. Dexter looks adorable as usual. How did you discern that he is a Batman fan? Are you a dog whisperer? He certainly looks happy with his new collar!

    3. A PAGAN festival!? Don’t pagans eat their young or at least put horrible hexes on people? I’m sure I’m representing them correctly, right? Ha! On the plus side, they have great fashion sense. I love the lady’s sweater jacket! Where can I get one like it?

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