The Big Move!

The move went well. I’m now semi-organized in my new place. Still need to go grocery shopping and there are still boxes that need to be unpacked, but it’s getting done slowly but surely. Dexter seems a bit confused, but otherwise alright.

My kitchen table was delivered damaged. I mean a lot damaged. The delivery guy said it was nothing a little wood glue couldn’t fix up, but I call bullshit.

Besides, why would I buy a new table so I have to glue the damaged parts together?

Does this look like a job for wood glue?

Does this look like a job for wood glue?

A lot of my kitchen stuff needs to be unpacked. I have no pictures on the wall, which makes the place seem a bit creepier than it actually is. It’s definitely no palace but it’s mine and everything in it belongs to me. It feels like a fresh start.

I’ll just have to work on not screwing it up this time.

There was a thunderstorm tonight. I sat and watched it roll through. Dexter didn’t seem nearly as satisfied with the grumbling in the sky as I did, but he’s gotten much better handling the thunder than when he was a puppy. I put my hand on his head and he settled down.

I spent the last night at my moms. It was very nice to see her but her guest bed is super uncomfortable. I’m lucky if I got four hours sleep. I was anxious to get home so I could continue to unpack.

Here’s a few pictures of GC Land.

My yard. Best part of the place.

My yard. Best part of the place.

Dexter laying on the couch.

Dexter laying on the couch.

Where I write to you guys and gals from.

Where I write to you guys and gals from.

My geek hardware and Dex's bed.

My geek hardware and Dex’s bed.

My TV and stuff. Netflix for the win!

My TV and stuff. Netflix for the win!

My bed and new kitchen table are arriving tomorrow. My roommate had a queen mattress and box-spring he kindly lent me in the meantime. I can’t wait to get the bed!

So there’s a little bit about what and how I’m doing right now. I hope to get back into blogging in a big way again in the very near future.

Have a wonderful weekend all.



  1. The yard is lovely, Dex will be happy there and you have enough room for barbecues and what. You’ll settle in soon and it will start to feel like home, for sure. I’m sorry you are going through it, but I am glad to be here for you. Also, I have that same Hulk. lol.

  2. A few weeks ago I left what I now feel was an insensitive comment on your blog. When you told us about your breakup I said I didn’t understand why women want to marry, because its just a way to legalize things. I swear, such a foot in mouth comment for me now that I think about it.
    Anyways, I am so sorry. Not the best thing to say to a guy with a broken heart.

    Good luck on your new place! The best advice I think I have learned when moving on from a relationship is focus on yourself, and doing the things that make you happy. Although, somethings those things may include lots of Corona’s in one sitting, and I totally get that!

  3. If you used a professional mover, contact the local office and you may be able to get funds to repair your table (and anything else that may have been broken that you haven’t yet discovered). I had broken glasses and some other damages when I moved and the company reimbursed the repairs.

    I don’t envy you. I’ve moved several times. Twice to new towns … and may have another one coming up (to the Oregon coast). My biggest problem is I’m getting too old! Packing and unpacking is hard enough but when the older you get, the more it takes out of you. We’re considering letting the moving guys do it … but I dunno’ that I want to go that far.

    Anyway, congrats on your new home!

    • I bought the stuff new, but got display models if I could because I suck at mechanical stuff.

      They’re bringing me a new table today some time. Good luck with your move. My honest opinion is paying for movers is worth every penny if you can afford it. I’d do it in a heartbeat. At least to move the big items.

  4. Things will get better.

    When I moved in here years and years ago, I had just broken up with my longtime girlfriend after moving to a new town, and had all of my stuff in boxes in a shell of a house I had just partially gutted..That night I sat there and cried.

    The next day I got up, got on with the job, and things got better–eventually.

    They will for you, too. It sound like they already are.

  5. You’re getting there, slowly, GC. One step, then another. Dexter will be fine–are you close enough to the dog park to get him there (he has a lot to tell his buds, after all)?
    Damn shame about the table, but yeah, if it was a professional moving company they need to know–and see–the damage.

    • I’m not far from where I moved from. The dog park is about 20 minutes away. I can play fetch in the yard with Dex now so that’s great exercise and he goes almost everywhere with me. I’m probably going to the drive in tonight and he’s likely coming with. Haha.

      The place I bought the table from is replacing it free of charge today. My bed is on route as well. Can’t wait!

  6. The term ‘Yard’ always conjures up a mental image of a grass-less dusty area where trucks park/are repaired.
    Being from England, garden seems a lot more appropriate, especially if there is lawn, flowers and any sort of trees or shrubbery.

    Looks a nice place for running around and a game of fetch, and I am sure Dexter will enjoy it as well.


  7. Looks like a nice place, and the lawn area is perfect for Dex! That damaged table should be paid for by the movers…wood glue won’t cut it, I’m afraid to say. Looks like it’s a nice table, too – without being splintered to bits by clumsy asshats!

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