Creepiest Doll Ever?

Doesn't it look like it's going to jump through the screen and murder your family?

I ran into two horrifically creepy dolls on the weekend at a garage sale. The male one made me want to poop my pants.

Or maybe there’s a bit too much fruit in my diet…

Either way, have a look for yourself.

Doesn't it look like it's going to jump through the screen and murder your family?

Doesn’t it look like it’s going to jump through the screen and murder your family?

I’m not sure who thought this doll was a good idea. Just think – at some point this doll had to be designed, approved and manufactured. At no point during that process did someone think this doll was a bad idea?

I mean come on, people! This doll will give children nightmares. If I had it in my house, I’d be locking away all of my sharp knives.

Hell, I might even start praying again just in case.

Here’s the slightly less creepy (in my opinion) female doll.

*psycho music playing in background*

*psycho music playing in background*

Let’s distance ourselves from these dolls for a minute. Take a breather. Relax. They’re just dolls.


A quick update:

Been super busy lately. Besides the move and single life, I found out recently a very close friend of mine has malignant tumors in his brain. They’re not sure what can be done at this point. They’re doing lots of tests on them.

It’s hard to watch their family struggle with this. My father died of cancer and I know how unbearably hard it can be to watch.

So fingers crossed.

I plan on resuming my regular blogging schedule next week. I’ll be making a post next Friday on the The Isaiah 53:5 Project, and I’ll be picking up the keyboard again on my own blog as well. I’ll also be tackling a few atheistic and religious subjects I’ve been thinking about lately.

Thanks for reading!


Bat Dog And The Pagan Celebration

Just a few quick pictures I thought some of you might enjoy.

I got Dexter a new Batman collar. He’s still ridiculously spoiled.

I also took a client to a Pagan festival. It was pretty cool. They had some neat  merchandise, especially the cloaks and hoods.

Wish I had cash on me. I might be sporting some new Pagan gear.

Things are still going well. I’ll talk about it more soon, since I’m typing on my phone.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Peek a dog


Cool tree anyone?


My name is Batdog!


I'm cute


Pagan tunes


Shopping for pagan gear

Soccer Dog!

Look at the fluid grace he displays while moving the ball

Dexter might be the next David Beckham.


Look at these skills!

Just getting warmed up

Just getting warmed up

This move is called 'The Shaker'

This move is called ‘The Shaker’

Look at the fluid grace he displays while moving the ball

Look at the fluid grace he displays while moving the ball

My work is done here

My work is done here

My roommate is away, but yesterday his mom came over to see Dexter. She talked about how much my roomie likes him and talks about him all the time. He put on a soccer show for her.

It’s pretty funny because if I say ‘crazy dog’ he growls and shakes his head back and forth.

It’s impossible to be fluffy, golden and be intimidating, but that doesn’t stop Dexter from trying.

First Shop and Settling In

Dexter sleeping it off after playing in his new yard.

I’m now officially moved into my new home. It’s pretty comfortable and Dexter stayed by himself for eight hours last night and did perfectly fine, even though his Daddy-Dog was nervous as hell at work.

Dexter sleeping it off after playing in his new yard.

Dexter sleeping it off after playing in his new yard.

I went for my first shop which was super expensive. Seems all first shops are, but I still feel the need to complain about it.

Below you’ll find a picture of the beginning of my shopping adventure. It ended in tears at the checkout but that’s neither here nor there.

My first shop! Ignore the bachelor unhealthy things.

My first shop! Ignore the bachelor-type unhealthy things.

I thought it was going to be harder than it was. I actually feel free for the first time in a long time. I can do what I want, argue with whomever I please and I don’t have to hide bits of me. No one holds power over me except myself.

I feel good.

I’m still a bit restless when falling asleep, but overall life is great. Maybe I’m fooling myself, but if that’s the case I hope it keeps up. Maybe being a fool isn’t so bad after all.

I also wanted to thank the readers here who were so supportive when my life turned upside down. You guys and gals helped me get through it and see the brighter side of things.

We’ll see how things go in the dating department. I promised myself that I’ll live here for at least six months. I won’t be going anywhere until spring (March) at the earliest. I hope I can stick to that plan.

Anyhow, that’s all I got for now. Keep on blogging and thanks again for your support. It means a lot to me.

Atheism Equals War and Misery

U.S._Marines_in_Operation_Allen_Brook_(Vietnam_War)_001I get tired of hearing how atheism means we as a society would be brutal to one another. Take this post for example:

Hugh declares himself an atheist. He related how, in the first week of studying philosophy at university, he learnt an uncomfortable truth. A purely atheist society, he discovered, cannot produce a shared social and moral foundation. Atheists can have moral values, he went on, but they can only obtain them from the religious beliefs prevalent in the society around them.

Even if this were so, then why bother with the magical bits and just adopt the moral values?

If atheists are capable of moral values, then why wouldn’t they be capable of codifying these values into laws?

While we may take some of the moral values that were codified in religion, we have also discarded many of them, such as not working on the Sabbath or being able to enslave another individual. If we merely based our morality on religion, we would follow these barbaric religious laws and never question them.

Fortunately, we do question them given enough time.

For instance, would murder be outlawed in NoGodLand? Actually, no. It doesn’t make sense that murder would be considered a crime. A society that does not believe in the soul, or the sanctity of all life or the equal value of all people before God cannot logically produce laws that stem from these beliefs.

I don’t usually swear on this blog…but I’m about to make an exception.

What in the name of the great holy fuck!

It doesn’t make sense that murder be outlawed? Are you fucking kidding me?

In what universe does wanton murder lead to a thriving society or human flourishing?


So why the hell would atheists want to live in a society where murdering people for no reason is a good thing to do?

And why can’t an atheist believe in the sanctity of life? In fact, I would argue that many religious people don’t believe in the sanctity of life. They believe they are above other life forms. They believe they’re special and will even avoid the overwhelming evidence of evolution because they so badly want to believe they are different from every other life form on this planet.

Religion hasn’t stopped the slow but sure destruction of our environment or the extinction of animals caused by our cruelty and stupidity.

So what sanctity of life are you talking about? In fact, the whole eye for an eye thing has helped support the failed system of execution.

If we look back at Europe in its pagan days, about 1500 years ago, this is exactly what we find. The Viking invaders who terrorised Britain, Ireland and France held to an honour culture. You fought for your king, no matter what he did. In return, the job of the king was to bring victory on the battlefield and a sufficient supply of stolen food, animals and slaves. Nothing else mattered. If he failed to do this, he was killed and replaced.

Um…you do realize that the Vikings you’re talking about here had their own form of religion, right?

You know…Odin, Thor and the rest of them. Those Gods. And the idea that if you died in battle you’d end up in a magical realm called Valhalla.

So much for that theory.

So an atheist society is a place of permanent war and conflict, both within its borders and without. There is no peace or safety anywhere. That is where Europe came from. That is where it can still return.

Well, many parts of Europe are becoming more atheistic and they’re also some of the most peaceful places.

Atheism is just a lack of belief in God(s). It wouldn’t necessarily lead to either war or peace.

However, it does force us to look at our reasoning without hiding behind blind dogma. As an atheist I can’t support slavery by pointing at my non-book of atheism. I can’t pronounce that a higher being that created us has ordered we keep slaves and provided instructions on how to keep them. I can’t explain away infanticide using the bible, like William Lane Craig did.

That doesn’t mean I couldn’t support infanticide, but if I did, how much easier is it for the rest of you to see through my bullshit and realize that I’m a monster?

Furthermore, I would consider humanism (for example) a far more ethical code of values than Christianity, Islam or Judaism.

And you certainly don’t have to be religious to adopt them. Also, the best thing about humanism is that it can change with time. We can correct for errors in our thinking because we realize they’re not divinely inspired values but human ones. The very source of its strength comes from its ability to be improved upon.

Purpose From An Atheistic Perspective Doesn’t Exist

they_died_for_you__by_aatheist-d552i1eI found a new post that attacks the atheistic worldview based on whether or not that means life has purpose. It’s a little different than most religious material I read, but I find that the authors reasoning is flawed.

First off, whether or not life has purpose is irrelevant to whether or not God exists. Just because you may believe that in a perfect universe, some all-powerful disembodied mind needs to exist for purpose to arise, doesn’t mean it’s so. I can argue that natural candy flavored water gives water meaning, but the reality is that unless we add an additive, water tases like…well…water. Wishful thinking doesn’t change this.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to some of what he said:

But the question is, “How is something given purpose?”  You see, mere existence does not create purpose.  Purpose goes much deeper than existence.  I submit to you that no thing can have a purpose unless there is a creator acting on the thing.  Purpose does not exist without a creator.

Why doesn’t it?

Even in the example the author gives above this part, he states that you wouldn’t use scissors to light a fire. Basically, the purpose of the scissors is to cut things, but who gives these scissors purpose?

We do.

The scissors actually have no real purpose until we pick them up and put them to use. We also might not use the scissors to cut, but maybe we use them to pry something open or pick our teeth, although I wouldn’t recommend that last bit. Use a tooth pick, people. Much less potential for harm that way.

Anyhow, the point I want to make is that scissors aren’t conscious, which is why they need someone acting on them to give them purpose. Humans on the other hand are very much conscious entities. We give the scissors a purpose and we can give ourselves a purpose, while scissors are incapable of doing either.

Point being the author uses a really bad analogy to try and make his point.

Moving on.

I want you to look at purpose from an atheistic perspective.  Without alluding to any god at all – yes, that includes the Cosmos or Mother Nature – can you tell me my purpose, my reason for existence?  The honest answer to that is, “No.”

Um, why would you leave the universe and nature out of the equation? That’s a bit disingenuous, since neither of those things are God(s).

That’s like me saying, ‘can you tell me what the purpose furniture serves without alluding to a living-room, house or the people that may live in those structures.’

Just because you might not be able to come up with a reason for your existence doesn’t mean the ‘honest answer is no’.

How can I say that?  Because while you may be able to conjure up a purpose in your mind, the simple truth is that whatever purpose you conjure up is exactly that: conjured up.

Conjured up like magic?

I rather think an all-powerful, all-knowing, disembodied, invisible mind with super powers is a little more likely to be ‘conjured up’ than a flesh and blood human brain that can form thoughts and experience existence.

From an atheistic perspective, I do not exist to help others, live with others, or even just live.  I simply fortuitously exist.  But as we said earlier, mere existence does not create purpose.  There is no purpose driving evolution.  Evolution is circumstantial, not purposeful.

Why can’t helping others be a part of an atheists purpose? What prevents it?

I know plenty of Christians who help themselves and rarely if ever lift a finger to help others. Did this God not let them in on their purpose?

it does not even exist even if atheists insist it does, and whatever purpose an atheist contrives, it is just as contrived as anybody else’s idea of what their purpose is.

Oh no! We have to think for ourselves!

Quick, someone hit the fire alarms and evacuate the planet!

From my perspective, you’ve essentially given up thinking and reasoning for yourself, because you allow primitive human(s) to do your thinking for you. They wrote that book you revere, and at some point they came up with their own reason or purpose and you follow along with it.

That means a person who says life’s purpose is to destroy things is just as logically accurate as someone who says life’s purpose is to preserve things.

Why would it follow that something that harms our species is more logical than an action that helps our species survive?

And sometimes preserving something is less important than change.

For example, the bible teaches slavery is okay and people used it to put people in chains. I think destroying that institution was a pretty good change. Preserving it would be unethical.

Just one of the many things the Christian God got wrong, in my opinion.

What I find amazing is that there are some atheists who are okay with the idea that purpose is a simple contrivance on their part.  They still claim that life has purpose even though they know it does not.

You just finished saying some atheists have said they’re fine with purpose being created by us, and then in the next breath go on to say it doesn’t exist. If we make it exist, then it exists. If I think my purpose in life is to raise my children to the best of my ability, then that’s the meaning I have given myself. That doesn’t mean I can’t change my stance, but at that particular point in my life, that might be my purpose.

I honestly don’t see how the existence or non-existence of a disembodied mind would change that.

That is hypocrisy at it’s highest.  Why?  Because they insist that God does not exist, therefore we should not live by His standards.  Yet they know purpose does not actually exist and they still say we should live with purpose.

Which God and what standards? As I pointed out above, if we went by Yahweh’s standards, slavery could be fine.

I think religions were created by people. It’s flawed, ancient thinking and like anything created by humans, faults may exist. Religion often tries to prevent changes from taking place, even when the evidence clearly shows that their book is wrong.

You don’t need a magic God in the sky to give your life meaning. Purpose and meaning don’t have to be eternal to be special either.

The Big Move!

The move went well. I’m now semi-organized in my new place. Still need to go grocery shopping and there are still boxes that need to be unpacked, but it’s getting done slowly but surely. Dexter seems a bit confused, but otherwise alright.

My kitchen table was delivered damaged. I mean a lot damaged. The delivery guy said it was nothing a little wood glue couldn’t fix up, but I call bullshit.

Besides, why would I buy a new table so I have to glue the damaged parts together?

Does this look like a job for wood glue?

Does this look like a job for wood glue?

A lot of my kitchen stuff needs to be unpacked. I have no pictures on the wall, which makes the place seem a bit creepier than it actually is. It’s definitely no palace but it’s mine and everything in it belongs to me. It feels like a fresh start.

I’ll just have to work on not screwing it up this time.

There was a thunderstorm tonight. I sat and watched it roll through. Dexter didn’t seem nearly as satisfied with the grumbling in the sky as I did, but he’s gotten much better handling the thunder than when he was a puppy. I put my hand on his head and he settled down.

I spent the last night at my moms. It was very nice to see her but her guest bed is super uncomfortable. I’m lucky if I got four hours sleep. I was anxious to get home so I could continue to unpack.

Here’s a few pictures of GC Land.

My yard. Best part of the place.

My yard. Best part of the place.

Dexter laying on the couch.

Dexter laying on the couch.

Where I write to you guys and gals from.

Where I write to you guys and gals from.

My geek hardware and Dex's bed.

My geek hardware and Dex’s bed.

My TV and stuff. Netflix for the win!

My TV and stuff. Netflix for the win!

My bed and new kitchen table are arriving tomorrow. My roommate had a queen mattress and box-spring he kindly lent me in the meantime. I can’t wait to get the bed!

So there’s a little bit about what and how I’m doing right now. I hope to get back into blogging in a big way again in the very near future.

Have a wonderful weekend all.