Dexter vs. The Life Devouring Mop & A Personal Update

Maybe if I stick my face in there I can figure this evil thing out

My circumstances have changed and I now have to move into my new place on Tuesday. The last few days has been a hectic dance of spending huge amounts of money I don’t have to furnish my soon-to-be-new-home. I’ve watched as my bank account was depleted and my credit stretched to its limit.

However, I’ve managed to get everything I need – except for possibly the small things I never think about because I’m used to having them. I think the new place will be rather comfortable.

My biggest worry (besides paying back the money I now owe) is how Dexter is going to react to the new place and the loss of most of his family.

I worry a lot about Dexter. He’s such a family oriented dog that I just don’t know what his reaction will be. I’ve seen dogs try to starve themselves when a family member goes absent. Plus he’ll be dealing with a new environment. I don’t think I could handle it if he was harmed in some way.

I’ve asked the Ex if she’d like to see him now and again but she hasn’t given me an answer yet. She told me she had to consult with her girls, who haven’t returned yet from summer vacation.

Anyhow, besides my sad-sack story, here’s a few pictures of Dexter wrangling with my new mop. It was pretty amusing watching him try to figure it out.

I'll get you my pretty!

I’ll get you my pretty!

WTF! It spins?

WTF! It spins?

Maybe if I stick my face in there I can figure this evil thing out

Maybe if I stick my face in there I can figure this evil thing out

I’ll snap some pics of my new place when I get a chance. It’s not much, but it will soon be home.



  1. It looks for all the world as if he’s wondering why his new food dish is empty, sir. =)

    Big change for all of you, and I think Dexter will be fine. He has you, and a big yard, and it will probably take less time for him to recover than you think.

  2. I was worried about my dog and my cats when I moved too, but they did just fine after a just a short time, and I’m sure Dexter will too. It took me much longer to adjust, however. 😉
    Hope all goes as smoothly as it can with your move into your new place, sending warmest wishes to you and to Dexter as you two begin this new chapter…

  3. Now that Dexter is a single feller once more I don’t want to read about any backsliding when all those Crispyan female dogs begin throwing themselves at him with promises of canine salvation after a quick bum-sniff and leg-over, you hear?

    These Crispyan lady-dogs can be such bitches .
    I am counting on you to protect Dex from their evil clutches.

    Remember, an atheist dog is a happy dog.


  4. Relocating sucks, I’ve done it twice in the past year. Seems every 20 minutes you are running to the store for something and going broke in the process. Dexter will survive, he’s got a loving owner and dogs pick up on that.

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