Do I Think We Have Free Will And What Value Do I Place On It

Here’s my Friday post on The Isaiah 53:5 Project. Hope you enjoy it. 🙂

The Isaiah 53:5 Project

Last week’s post led to an interesting conversation with blogger, Christ Centered Teaching, about free will.

He asked:


Yes, I’d want free will. Right now I want to think I’m writing this post because I want to and I’ve made a conscious decision to sit down and tap at this keyboard.

However, wanting something doesn’t make it true. I don’t know whether I actually have free will or whether it’s an illusion produced by my brain. If asked right now, I’d probably say that free will is an illusion but it’s a handy one. Studies also suggest this could be true:

Now, a new study suggests that free will may arise from a hidden signal buried in the “background noise” of chaotic electrical activity in the brain, and that this activity occurs almost a second before people consciously decide to do something.

I just took a sip of…

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  1. i feel that if we conjure things in our minds, we can tend to turn in circles. CS Lewis has helped me understand clearly that we all have Freewill, in a sense that we live in a Real world of Consequence, not a toy world of make belief, manipulation, etc. this Inherent Right Upheld Eternal by LIFE GIVER for all to choose, express, manifest our fullest potential however we choose can be scary, but when Spirit Guided, Restores us to Authenticity, Genuine Consistent Expression that is True to LIFE. i feel grateful for your inquiry, honest seeking.

  2. The bit I don’t get is that our fall from grace comes from Eve and Adam choosing to eat that Apple. Now, they were told not to eat from that tree, but at the same time told they had ‘free will’. Ok, so it was a supposed test to see if they would obey God; they disobeyed, so they were punished . But hang on, doesn’t ‘free will’ mean you have a choice? So why were they punished for making that choice? That is not free will.
    If I explain to my child that the cookies from the cookie jar are not healthy and he shouldn’t eat them, but then I tell him he has free will so he can make whatever choice he wants, so decide for himself whether to eat the cookies, and then he decides that he WILL eat from the cookie jar, I should NOT punish him, because I allowed him the free will to decide for himself.

  3. God never told them nor is it explained in the genesis account as a test. We assume it after the fact. What if it was as simple as God setting a command that he knew in advance they would not be able to follow?
    Far from a test it becomes ‘ordained’ by god.

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