Christian Whines About Christmas, While Blaming Atheists For Hypothetically Whining About Christmas

It Burns! It burns!

It’s not even September yet, and already the moaning and gnashing of teeth over Christmas has begun.

For example, this fellow mixes whining about Christmas and arguing against atheism’s apparent lack of logic into a heady brew of illogical arguments.

It is not going to be long until we are going to be hearing the rants and whines of atheist over Christmas trees.

He says, while ranting and whining over Christmas trees.

Atheists seem to be the only people who work so hard to disprove what they do not believe exists. Most people really do not care if someone believes in something they do not exist.

That’s because they don’t make up about 80% of the population and they aren’t trying to legislate their beliefs. I know it’s hard having to listen to people argue, debate and talk about why or why not people should believe in your disembodied super mind, but you might as well get used to it. We’re not going away.

Why do atheists worry about Christmas if it was not because they cannot stand the word Christ?

Yes. That’s exactly why. This is what hearing the word ‘Christ’ does to me.

It Burns! It burns!

It Burns! It burns!

What a silly argument.

I don’t have a problem with Christmas. I always have a Christmas tree and I enjoy the tradition. I don’t celebrate it because I think a deity was born of a virgin that day. I celebrate it because it’s a fun family tradition. The name ‘Christ’ does no more to me than the name ‘John’ or ‘Allen’ or ‘Cherie’.

If the atheists want to drum out either because of Christ they need to do their research on the histories of these traditions.

Speaking of traditions…the Christmas tree tradition you’re complaining about has its roots in older religions and predates Christianity.

Long before the advent of Christianity, plants and trees that remained green all year had a special meaning for people in the winter. Just as people today decorate their homes during the festive season with pine, spruce, and fir trees, ancient peoples hung evergreen boughs over their doors and windows. In many countries it was believed that evergreens would keep away witches, ghosts, evil spirits, and illness.

There goes that theory. Christmas is a mishmash of traditions and religious symbolism that mostly predates Christianity.

So again this all leans to the concept that the atheist is having more of a personal problem with God than with the traditions of Christmas or the Christmas tree.

Wait for it…

But the actions of the atheist do not support the idea that their argument is with God but rather with Christianity.

WTF! Are we against Christianity or God?

I’m so confused.

It’s enough to drive a man to pray.

I do not hear them saying that allah does not exist.

I don’t think Allah exists.

You happy?

I do not hear them saying that any other term of a deity does not exist.

I don’t think any deity exists. I think they’re all made up by humans. I don’t believe any of the thousands of Gods that have been worshiped throughout our history as a species are real. Odin is as believable to me as Yahweh.

Their only problem seems to be with Christianity.

No. I also have problems with any religion that I think teaches bad ideas. I’m entitled to that opinion and I’ll listen to opposing views about those same ideas. I also have problems with things like atheist bloggers being attacked and brutally murdered for simply voicing their views online.

Like this for example:

The knock on the door came as her husband tapped at his computer. She opened the door to a strange man who said the landlord had sent him to look at the apartment.

The man was perhaps 20 years old, thin and dressed in a black T-shirt and blue jeans. He walked around twice, then stood in front of the kitchen and began mashing buttons on his mobile phone.

Moments later, three people barged into the apartment, brandishing a gleaming chapati, a rectangular cleaver made to splinter bone. They said nothing, instead moving straight toward Mr. Chatterjee, who had come to the bedroom door.

With their first swing, they severed parts of one hand. Chunks of his fingers fell to the floor.

“Who are you guys?” was all Mr. Chatterjee could manage before an attacker brandishing a pistol pushed Ms. Asa Moni onto the apartment’s veranda. “Save us! Save us!” she screamed.

But the attack was viciously efficient. The men left within minutes, Mr. Chatterjee’s head almost completely severed from his body.

Believe me when I say I have a problem with that.

I can also voice my dissent whenever I hear an idea I don’t agree with, including God belief and all the rules that usually come with it. And I can also agree with religious sentiments I might agree with, even if I don’t agree with the actual belief in their deity of choice.

One question I like to ask those who think that everything is supposed to be held and measured is: where is the mind?  I am not talking about the brain.  I am talking about the mind.

Um, no. That’s the brain. Not sure what this ‘mind’ is that you’re talking about. Is it another magical part of our anatomy?

Also, if everything is as ancient as they claim why did Neil Armstrong step into a ¼ inch of lunar dust?  Armstrong was supposed to have sunk in to the lunar dust.  (I guess the maid came.)

What the?

I don’t even know what this means. Are you saying God came around with a broom and cleaned up the dust? Or that a Daredevil (I had to work the devil in somewhere!) came along and magically prevented the dust from arriving?

But seriously, why do you believe he should have sunk into dust?

If there is not God then what is the fuss about?  If there is a God, and they know it, then that is a different matter.

Because beliefs affect actions and a crap load of people believe in the Christian dogma and the Christian God. Also, religion touches a lot of different facets of our society and it’s pretty fascinating as a topic.



  1. I’ll explain the moon dust, please excuse my lack of exact details. The moon collects. 5″ of dust per year (idk the exact amount) so if the earth is millions of years old, there should have been a few feet of dust and that’s why the shuttle had such long legs. But the dust wasn’t thick, so that shows the earth is young.

    Another one, the moon moves away from the earth a few centimeters (I’m not sure the exact amount) per year. If you went in reverse, the moon would eventually touch the earth, so that means the earth can’t be millions of years old.

    I do see their point about Christianity. I felt the same until I read the blogs here. I now see its all gods, not just the Christian God. I’m sure it’s because Christianity is the religion in the US. If we were a Muslim country, we would think atheists only hate the Muslims God.

    I don’t like calling a Christmas tree a holiday tree, or saying happy holiday instead of merry Christmas. I’m not sure where the “holiday ” trend started, but it’s still Christmas and i think it’s ok to still call it that.

    • Huh. Thanks Sally. I’d never heard the moon dust thing before.

      “I don’t like calling a Christmas tree a holiday tree, or saying happy holiday instead of merry Christmas. I’m not sure where the “holiday ” trend started, but it’s still Christmas and i think it’s ok to still call it that.”

      It mostly came about by business. Businesses want to make money, and the best way to do that is to be inclusive. Like everything Christmas, it’s commercial.

      But I call it a Christmas tree as well. But if someone wants to call it a holiday tree, I’m fine with that as well. I know what they’re referring to regardless of it’s official name.

      Thanks for the clarification about the moon dust. I’ve never run into that bit of creationism.

        • I think it’s just a signal they throw out that says they’re inclusive and so they hope people will return and spend their money there. Not everyone celebrates Christmas and so they want to include everyone.

          It makes sense from a business perspective. I’ve never heard anyone besides businesses or places of work calling it a holiday tree.

          • I do get it as far as Hanukkah. Lol, I’m old, but I do remember seeing both in stores. It seems to me, those that don’t celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah shouldn’t care because they aren’t buying gifts during November and December.

            It’s like target no longer having pink or blue in their toy aisles. Who cares? My daughter likes pink… Is that a bad thing now? It’s PC going too far. And the “Christmas” thing, atheists are getting the blame. If traditions aren’t hurting anyone, just leave them.

            • “It seems to me, those that don’t celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah shouldn’t care because they aren’t buying gifts during November and December.”

              True, but they’re still frequenting the store and spending money. From a business perspective, why risk alienating them, when a different term would include every one of their customers?

              • Who is spending the most money during those months , Christmas shoppers or the non Christmas shoppers? And if a store said happy “a holiday I don’t celebrate” am I going to feel excluded and not shop there? It’s silly thinking! Why would anyone that doesn’t celebrate Christmas be offended and feel excluded when a store says “Christmas” especially knowing most of the US celebrates Christmas. I don’t wake up December 25th and say happy holiday!!! Most people in the US are spending thousands of dollars shopping for Christmas, that’s where the money is.

                Holiday means all holidays, Christmas, Easter, memorial day, Kwanzaa, so are we going to stop saying the specific holiday…. No more memorial day sales because there are people that don’t support the military, and we don’t want to exclude them?

                When a store goes to “holiday” they are telling those that like the word Christmas, that they still want our Christmas shopping money, they still decorate for Christmas, they still have Santa that visits for CHRISTMAS, but the word “Christmas” is offensive to some and so we won’t call it that, even tho the whole store is decorated to the hill! If stores really wanted to include all people (those that don’t celebrate Christmas) they wouldn’t even decorate the store. They would treat the Christmas season like every other day so the non Christmas shoppers feel included and don’t get their feelings hurt.

    • Sally, I’m 70 and can remember people saying and writing on cards and letters the expression “Happy Holidays”. It is plural, not singular since New Year’s is just a week after Christmas. Plus, even as a small child, I was aware that there were other holidays besides Christmas that people celebrated at approximately the same time. So this isn’t new, it isn’t something made up by people who don’t believe in any of the gods. There’s lots of holidays, enjoy them all!

      • The shopping that the stores love is for Christmas, not new years. The stores are decorated for Christmas, not new years. There is also Hanukkah, I wouldn’t mind if the stores had things up for Hanukkah, but I rarely see that. The stores decorate and market for Christmas sales. Santa is Christmas. Just like the Easter bunny is Easter, will we change that too and have the holiday bunny and holiday egg hunt?

  2. Atheists in his world do not have a problem with other religions because he spends zero time in circles where the dominant religion is not Christianity. But instead of figuring that out, he jumps to the conclusion that this means his god is the one true god?

    This guy must be terrible at connect the dots.

    But his vast knowledge of lunar dust is what really stumps me. This is an argument that most Creationists cringe at; the fact that he is using it at all might make me lose faith in god all over again if that were possible. I think it’s safe to say that Christians everywhere are wishing this guy would step away from the keyboard…

      • I used to think the bible was a book on fairy tales even though I am raised Catholic.. I’ve never really felt it could have been truth. What I also find rather odd is how Jesus has been elevated to god status when there’s a paragraph stating how there will be no other god worshipped and there will be no statues / whatever made to worship another god.. Am I imagining that paragraph?

  3. Great post, GC.

    I saw this as I was going through the atheism tag earlier (there are still more Christians posting with it than non-Christians). War on Christmas posts really shouldn’t begin until it’s okay to put decorations up (for me, I’m not okay with it until after Thanksgiving, but I’m okay with Halloween). Well, I’m off to go apply burn lotion to my fingers because I typed the word “Christ” several times in this comment…

  4. I have no idea why believers always have an issue with non-believers, especially when it comes to their beliefs. What does it matter if we celebrate Christmas or not? We don’t as I hate that time of the year. Drunk drivers on the roads because they see Christmas as an excuse to drink and party more than ever, most going on holiday and leaving their beloved pets at home and some don’t even have someone to take care of them and then the firecrackers. I hate firecrackers! That time of the year you see lots of wandering dogs in the streets and don’t forget the noisy tourists who come to our little town and leave all their litter behind.

    So, it’s got nothing to do with what I believe or not. What I do hate is the boring Christmas music and the ‘Merry Christmas’ posts all over the media. Clearly the time of year when most folks have nothing better to do. 😛

    • I’m with you. I like the family get together, meal and the days off work, but the rest is commercial nonsense in my opinion. It’s easily my least favorite holiday. Since I’m a vegetarian, I won’t even be having the turkey. LOL.

      “holiday and leaving their beloved pets at home and some don’t even have someone to take care of them”

      Dear god. Dex will go everywhere with me. On Wednesday I’m planning on going to my moms for the night and Dex will be right there with me. Same with Xmas.

      • Same here. I love being around my hubby, our 2 sons and our furry kids. As for the rest of the family – I don’t have any.

        We don’t eat turkey either but we aren’t vegetarians and do prefer chicken or fish. 😀

        It’s the same here as well. I don’t go anywhere if Simba can’t go with and if I do have to, I’ll leave him at home with one of our boys, and it will only be for a short while.

        I think that is the way it should be when you have furries in your home and it’s great that Dexter is loved so much. 😀

  5. Ah, yes… ’tis the season for the imaginary “war on xmas!” Since all of the ‘seasonal’ sales begin in September, I just wish everyone I meet a “Merry Thanksgivoween” and a “Happy Hannukwaanzamas.”
    It works every time…

  6. I’ll admit that a lot about Christmas annoys me because of how commercial it’s become. I like to think of it as a time to slow down and think about our relationship with God. That being said, I know a lot of the stuff involved is not originally Christian… but it’s harmless and fun, and the season is a time to hang out with family and remember what’s important in life in general. On a side note, I’ve seen some of the posts on FB that say things like “149 days until Christmas,” and they fill me with rage. Dudes, Halloween… hello? Anyone? I’m excited for that! 🙂

  7. Even Jesus knows he wasn’t born on 25th December and says Happy Isaac Newton’s Day, so why should I give a shit?

    Just make sure my damn presents are under that tree …..or else.

    ( Do you know how weird it is celebrating Christmas with a Christmas Tree with fake snow, fake snowmen, reindeer and a fat man in winter clothes when the average temperature in Johannesburg is around 32c?)


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