How Often Do You Post?

I mean, dudes cute right?
Not that kind of post, silly!

Not that kind of post, silly!

A blog I follow recently (August 19) published a blogging 101 tips post that had some great ideas for bloggers. If you have time, follow the link to read it. It’s well worth the look.

In it she gave her opinion about how often you should post.

She said:

If you’re a serious blogger, you should write at least one article a day. If you only post once a month or once a year, people aren’t going to bother to keep checking your blog for new material (of course, not all bloggers care about visibility and are writing primarily for themselves and that’s okay too, but if you’re that kind of blogger, you have no use for this article anyway).

There will be days you can’t think of anything original or are just too tired to write, so then it’s okay to reblog someone else’s post, post a video you like, a funny or attractive photograph, a joke, a meme, or what have you. But make sure you do post original material often. People will lose interest in a blog that’s nothing but a compendium of other people’s material.

I might be *gasp* a serious blogger, since I try to post once per day.

Oh wait! I don’t usually post on weekends. I’m not a serious blogger yet, ladies and gentlemen!

But I totally get what she’s saying. I think it does help to keep your blog healthy if you’re constantly adding new content. Once a day generally works for me, although I sometimes skip a day because *shrug* life tends to get in the way.

I should probably post ahead when I have time and put it on auto-publish, but I don’t bother doing that. Of course, Lucky Otter has more subscribers (Oh, how I hate the ‘follower’ title!) than I do so I’d listen to her over trying out my lazy blogging method.

*Mesmerizing voice* Do as I say, not as I do.

I’m not going to lie and say I don’t like subscribers or that I don’t care about them. I do. If I didn’t, I’d make this blog private and do my own thing.

However, I try to write once per day more because I find enjoyment in it. Sometimes I’ll post twice and sometimes I won’t post at all. I do try to post (at the very least) every third day so that there is a fairly steady flow of new content for people to read if they so choose. I try to mix up the content between personal posts, interest pieces, religious and non-religious stuff and pictures – mostly of my baby boy, Dexter.

I mean, dudes cute right?

See what they make me do? 

So how often do you post and does it work for you?

Personally, I think if you’re posting just to grow your blog, it might mean you lose interest. It starts to feel like a job, rather than a labor of love. Still, I think if you like to post once or more times per day, you should definitely do so.

So thanks for the tips, Otter, and for anyone reading, feel free to leave your opinions in the comment section.



  1. I post pretty infrequently. I’m only going to write a new post when I have something major to say, and if I’ve seen somebody else blog on the subject saying pretty much exactly what I would have said, I don’t bother repeating it. Sometimes I post only once a month or so, sometimes I’ll do a bunch in one week if it’s a long topic. I never post just to post, I prefer to read and comment on other blogs instead if I don’t have anything to post about.

    I tend to have a few rough drafts sitting around, that I’ll work on when I have the inclination. But they don’t get posted until I’m really happy with them.

    So I guess I’m not a serious blogger. But I already knew that.

  2. I usually post something original twice a day and a repost once. On the days I guest post its three original a day. But my daily ones are not long in fact one is literally just a thought. My two guest post each week are my longest.

  3. I post when I feel like it. Sometimes once a week. Sometimes once a month. There are people who post two, three, four times a day, sometimes more. The most prolific bloggers I end up not following because they crowd out my reader, and then I end up missing posts from others I follow. Some of your most popular bloggers do not post everyday. My favorite blogger posts about once a month, and sometimes takes long breaks. I’ve never seen his followers lose interests. He averages several hundred comments per post.

    The key of keeping people’s interest is not, IMO, how many posts you make but how much you are involved within the community of bloggers. Some of the most interesting and informational things people write are not in posts but rather in the comment section. JMO

    • “The most prolific bloggers I end up not following because they crowd out my reader, and then I end up missing posts from others I follow.”

      Ditto! I agree with this big time. Especially if they’re just posting memes. I block them from my tag follows as well. I’d much rather just follow people that have something to say. Not saying a meme post now and then isn’t fine, but I don’t want to see 10+ per day cluttering up a tag and pushing content I actually want to read down to the bottom.

      I follow through the reader usually, or check through comments on this blog. If someone posts once a month, I’ll see it in my reader and go have a look see.

  4. I posted almost every day in 2014. Now I might post a few times a week, on average. I guess I ran out of words after last year?

    I may go back to once a day, Monday through Friday, since it helped me some with dealing with life in general. Again, though, gotta figure out something to write as well as keep up with the comments I get and the blogs I want to read myself. 🙂

  5. I write fiction/for myself everyday. I blog sporadically. I’ve recently decided to stop apologizing for it. The subscribers I have are people I have come to care about. They are engaged and kind. I think that’s the most I can ask for.

  6. Ideally, I try to post once to a few times per week. At this point where I have a fairly large audience, I maybe should post more, but my approach has always been to write for me and if other people like it, great. I do feel like I write partly so people will read, but a lot of times my main motive is to process the thoughts that are bombarding my brain. I write it down for others to see because I figure a lot of it is relatable.

  7. When I started, I used to post whenever I felt like it. But, as I began to lose inspiration, I decided to make a schedule. I shared it on my blog, where I said I’ll post my essays on Monday and Friday, and a quote on Sundays. I maintained this for some time, and then started posting on Wednesdays as well. If I miss a day, I try to make up for it on the next day. However, I try not to be too hard on myself. I am a serious blogger, but on my terms. It’s good to have a schedule,as regular readers tend to keep up with it more if they anticipate it. On the “off” days, I like to post poetry, challenges and other stuff, if I do have them. Usually, if I have had at least two essays in a week, it’s been a good week!

  8. I might post once a week, or once a day if Im feeling chatty but rarely more than that in one day. I also count posts I put elsewhere, as well, and that does sometimes drain the tanks pretty fast.
    When I think about it, I have a very wide range of blog interests; some are from old friends, some are fascinating (anyway) and some I follow sporadically. Not everyone is interested in everything, of course.

    Basically I view blogs as part diary (but not terribly personal), part newspaper column, part ruminations and now and then poetry, which for some reason garners some very strange comments (which can be discouraging at times).

    And I do have a few friends who email me with a verbal furrowed brow saying, ‘are you okay? Did you fall off the roof?”

  9. I think the most I have posted was maybe 5 articles, but on that day WP just published all my drafts for some reason. It was a little funny, a little not, and I have never gotten back to having a good working schedule. I generally like to post one decent piece a day, and maybe some fun stuff or reblog stuff. Lately I seem to be chasing my tail though, but I am sure that it will slow down. 🙂 I love your puppy. Poor kid.

  10. I try to post something of my own at least once a day, and have started re-posting articles from others that are informative, funny, or if they strike a personal chord. I try NOT to post more than 5 articles per day, especially since that seems to overload others if they don’t have their subscriber settings “set” a certain way!

  11. I started the current blog with posting whenever I felt like it- which was more often than my other one. I have plenty to say about religion and losing faith I guess. But I am trying to do every 2-3 days, because sometimes I write things and I need to think on it a day before posting. I don’t want everything in my head getting out!

    But my other blog I posted once a week for a long time, and now have committed myself to monthly posts. It’s an autism parenting blog that is more about life in general- but I started it because we had moved away and I wanted our friends to know our daughter and our struggles, as well as connect to other parents in similar situations. Since moving home I haven’t had as much need for that, but I am unwilling to let go entirely. So it has become an update project of sorts for those in the community who follow our story (mostly on Facebook).

    I wanted to write about topics that didn’t fit so well in that space, so I started a new blog to meet this weird need I have to explain what’s in my head to whatever handful of people care. I want to connect with more people within this topic, so here I am. Beyond that, who knows what I am doing 🙂

  12. I post whenever I feel like it too, but because this is an addition, that’s usually more than 1 post a day, LOL!
    I totally agree about posting too many memes. It crowds my reader too. I’d much rather read original content. However, you may have those days you’re too tired or just have no original ideas. It happens to all of us.
    GC, thanks for reblogging my article. You got more responses to it than I did, lol! 😛

  13. I post when I have the time and when I feel like I have something to say that I think amounts to…something. I write my blog mainly for me, it is an outlet, a venting place and even a place to store how-to’s and notes. I’d be lying if I didn’t like the occasional feedback or even discussion but that’s not my main motivation (now come over to my blog and be in awe of my style, my wit, my intellect, damn it! Did I say that out loud?) :-).

    Once posting becomes a chore, I will lose interests and if I lose interest my readership (such as it is) will lose interest too. Nobody wants to read uninspired writing. This means that there are times when I pump out regular (not daily though) posts and it also means that there are long interruptions. Life gets in the way, as I’m sure everyone who blogs will understand.

    One thing that I don’t want my blog to become, is a stream of rather meaningless stuff along the lines of “I stubbed my toe and boy, does it hurt”. I understand that there are people who love treating their blog like a diary and if that works for them, that’s fine by me. I prefer to treat mine more like a magazine though, which means I go for more substance. It’s all part of what makes your blog yours, I suppose.

    I agree that there is a danger of posting too much, a danger to pollute the time-line of readers. Personally, I don’t like “noisy” blogs, except if they’re being penned by multiple authors, of course. There’s also the danger that you drown out good quality, substantial posts on your blog by generating too many posts.
    Again, it’s all about what you are trying to achieve, I suppose.

    Loved the original post that sparked yours, by the way. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Everyday? No way! Guess that doesn’t make me a “serious blogger.” And to be quite honest, those that DO post everyday sometimes get pretty boring — at least to me. They may write new things … but after awhile, it all seems to blend together.

    I personally feel an occasional posting that has substance is far more interesting — and can be more rewarding (via comments) to the blogger.

    Sometimes I think it’s more fun (and sometimes challenging) to simply add my thoughts to the thoughts of others.

    JMO. 🙂

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